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Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo — A Message Of Illumination From Our Deepest Darkness


Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018 — total eclipse from 07:56-09:06 EST and the moon is completely full at 08:27 EST.

The first month of 2018 is closing with an astonishing lesson. As the day brings us a super blue blood moon it lights up the longings of our hearts, beaming a message of illumination from our deepest darkness.

A message of the unspoken equal parts of demon and angel within us. The equal parts of Earth and air. The equal parts of water and wind. The equal parts of spirit and matter.

We are asked to balance our shadow and our light. The lunar eclipse appears when the Earth casts its shadow onto the moon, removing the light and power of the sun. And the moon will be in shadow for a moment of infinite breath.

This lunar eclipse reminds us that we can ally with our shadows within to serve ourselves and others, but coming from a place of anger, competition, and singularity, it is strong enough to force the light from existing.

Two polar opposites meet (Aquarius and Leo) to emphasize this message. Equal parts of quality of vision for the individual, and equal parts of quality for the collective and the greater good.

Venus is in Aquarius, breathing love and harmony to the cool-headed water bearer. Everything we wish to balance in our lives will have to come from the love we have for ourselves.

Ask yourself this: Are your hopes and dreams for the future rooted in equal parts of vision for you and for the greater good?

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I am so close to finding my truth. My head replies to my heart. Unwillingly keeping the curtains closed and unknowingly suggesting that my heart doesn’t already know.

If I can beam my light for everyone to see I will be accepted, loved and praised, my head is pondering. For I will need to make it in this world. Still, my head is spinning. My heart manages to force patience and trust into my body, leaving my head to frustration and powerlessness.

Sinking back, lowering myself down the path of deep meditation. Equal parts of darkness and light appears. Equal parts of feminine and masculine powers lie here in the ground. In the roots of my existence. The core of my being.

I am finding myself in the world of the visionary. The mystic realms of the water bearer. The intuitive state of the inner idealist. The dreams of a glorious future.

Happiness that awaits. As I know the air qualities are lifting me high, so with an eagle-eye perspective I can touch the future and bring it into this present moment.

Am I seeking as a seeker should seek? An outcome without attachment? As the moon appears in the night skies, full and bright, I am suddenly connected and illuminated with the inner truth.

The collective beauty of all unique talents shaped in all forms. I am no longer alone. I feel grounded and at the same time, flying. Moving from a sense of competition and comparison with my surroundings to a natural collaboration, unification, and relationship with everything.

I feel the urgency of change happening in the air. And so comes the darkness. Casting its shade over the moon, changing the atmosphere. Shadows of ancestors, shadows of my ego. Shadows of fears and doubts. Of unworthiness and attachment. Of expectations never met, and of betrayal I have never encountered. Of wounds so deep they are not only my own.

Mother Earth, why do you cast your shadow on me? On everything living? Is it in darkness you illuminate your truth?

And so she speaks. Not from my head, not even from my heart. From a place of wordless description. A place within and beyond. From above and below.

My child, the quickening of spring is here. I have touched the seeds you have planted with the breath of life and they are sprouting. So much work and so much effort you have put into the intentions of your creations, that I will grant them life.

But you must understand this. I can only give you the key to unlock the mysteries. You have to open and claim your vision to see them unfold. You have to feel your intuition to navigate your shadows, walk in the dark to balance the light. Only you can fulfill the purpose of your creations.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends A Witch Alone (Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic).

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Julie Sichlau

I am a yogini traveller of this beautiful path, a goddess, the spiritual matter of consciousness. Breaking free, being wild is my top priorities. My intentions are deeply founded in the ocean of my heart. Every new moon I let magic unfold and draw stars to set new intentions. I am a sensitive being, avoiding harsh relationships and situations. I don’t back down when I am being pushed but I rarely push you away. I’d do anything to ignite my passion and to express what I believe in, but I do it so subtle, with so much love and ease, you wouldn’t even imagine the message came from me.

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    Exquisite, sister! XOXO

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