By Megan Mulligan HOLY FIRE

Why The Spiritual Life Is Stupid Painful & Full Of Wonder


F*ck the spiritual life and woke living. The path is arduous. Chipping away at the storylines embedded by DNA, cultural conditioning, and karma. F*ck that shit. Who wants to look at it anyway? What’s the point and why are some of us woke? The spiritual life can be stupid painful so it’s with wonderment I exhale: Why?

In the disillusioned anger, at least, I feel heard. Maybe the Universe will see me, hear me, hold me when I really cry for help disguised in this hurt. Because otherwise, it feels like too much to bear. Too many pains to be understood. A mountain too high to climb. With no oxygen.

And the solution? They say it’s to pray. To meditate. To believe. The answer, I’ve heard, is to sit back and experience faith and trust. To practice the sacred arts of “let go” and “to breathe”. The spiritual solutions are always “simple” in theory, but in practice, they take a hero’s heart and an Olympian’s eye on the prize. So it feels.

And so what’s a person to do? A genuine mortal who’s woke, the one who “sees” — really sees — what is going on. And not only sees but feels. Feels the fear inside of the collective consciousness. The one who picks up the hate inside social media and doubles over in pain.

How do the spiritually-woke, sensitive beings navigate life sometimes? The solution, they say, is to ground ourselves inside. To enter our soul’s wellspring of abundant love and light.

Where there’s never a shortage of peace and crystal clear energy to play in. To live in our hearts and wrap our energetic vessels with warm self-care.

The spiritual life seems like so much work, sometimes. To take care of our woke selves. To learn who we truly are and what nurturance we really need. The path to our own heart isn’t always easy or clear-cut. It takes patience and dedication. The timeline isn’t ours to decide.

And so again, what’s the point and why? Because you can’t go back asleep. When the lion’s woke, the herd mentality won’t work. When your compass is set for Spirit, then the only direction is forward. Set your third eye for the North Star because the view’s pretty amazing from up here.

So while I say f*ck woke living — sometimes — I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. Because once your eyes are open, once you start making your way through, everything changes. You become the Creator of your own life. Dreaming awake inside an abundant life. One that beckons your soul to grow and take shape.

The world needs more of us woke.

So we agree, turning over to seek our life force, our vibrant radiance, who we really are. Then our internal lives start to better, and so do those around us. For that’s the biggest gift of this damn spiritual life, I’m sure. The opportunity to serve, support, help, and heal. Starting with ourselves.

So, if you’re angry, I hear you. It’s a bitch. Who wants to turn the lens inside and start weeding through deep-rooted energy? But the thing is, we’re lucky. We make agreements with this world when we enter.

So trust you are strong, courageous, and will thrive. Allow yourself to burst with being alive. Trust your soul, the Universe, and love. Practice surrendering your fears, again and again, until one day you lean into faith and trust. And then, grow some more.

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