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How To Avoid ‘Psychic Rape’ By Taking Your Empower-Me Pill



I hate to use the word rape — because it’s a very ugly word.

Rape speaks of powerlessness and injustice.
Rape speaks of having no voice, of suddenly being voiceless.

And rape has sadly become a media buzzword these days — a word that begs our eyes to pay attention and our fingers to click the link or turn the page to read more.

Rape begets fear. Or does fear beget rape?

I’m not writing about the kind of rape the media is focusing on right now. I’m writing about a kind of rape that is more insidious and just as harmful. (But it’s not fair of me to measure one person’s suffering against another’s, is it?)

One of my favorite sayings from “A Course in Miracles” is: There are no small upsets.

What triggers one person’s experience of trauma may be “minor” in comparison to what triggered trauma in another. And while the experiences appear big or small to an outsider, the emotional effects on the victims may be nearly identical.

We all have psychic abilities. Yoga talks about the chakra system, which termed the Ajna chakra, or the third eye — the seat of our imagination and intuition. Many empathic souls are born with completely open third eyes. They are the children that see auras or spirits or say things that sound as if they came from the mouth of an elder. But we all have the ability to open our third eye.

In my personal journey, my Ajna chakra began to open more and develop fully when I started practicing yoga and Reiki as a college student. Before that time, I was highly sensitive to the feelings of others but often felt confused about what I was sensing.

When my intuition started to open more, there was no confusion. I’m a touch-sensitive intuitive, so when I started a Reiki session and placed my hands on another, I would begin to see images or hear messages or sense stories that were definitely not mine. I felt shy about sharing them with my clients, so I would wait and ask them questions about what I received and when they would begin to validate them, I began sharing.

I always felt crazy sharing these messages, no matter how validating my client was. Perhaps I felt crazy because I wasn’t raised to think intuition was another sense that had to be refined and used to develop in a healthy way. Perhaps I felt crazy because no one around me was comfortable with their intuition, and sometimes that hurt.

A long time ago, when I read “The Celestine Prophecy,” I felt a sense of affirmation in my natural connection with my psychic self. However, that book, which talks about how natural intuition is for us as humans and how far we have strayed from it, touches on the fear element associated with it.

Like all myth based stories, there are dark forces trying to attack the light.

The intuitively open humans are feared by those who operate on ego. The intuitive communicators are a threat to the world we know now (in this story). Reading this book as a young college student, being trained to spend most of my time in the world of logical thought, was not so comforting.

Reading this book at a time when I was wavering between trusting myself or trusting the world, revved up my insecurity and made me want to keep my Reiki psychic skills quiet. And so I kept quiet for many years.

In years to come, I befriended more like-souled, intuitively open empaths; we developed our third eye skills together. We shared our fears and debunked our personal myths around being open in this very fearful world.

But befriending intuitives can have an element of danger to a very sensitive soul. Befriending those that can sense even the slightest insecure or fear-based vibration can also open one to being emotionally baited or manipulated — or psychically raped.

There are laws in the psychic world just like there are in the physical world. These are unwritten laws that the soul knows. These invisible laws say, “don’t invade someone’s personal space if they haven’t given you permission to.” This goes for a mind and heart just as much as it does for a body. These laws say, “respect individual privacy and honor individual space.”

Being Psychically Violated Feels Gross

My psychic rape experiences happened when I was completely unaware and very content in my own personal bubble. Both instances that come to mind involved intuitive, empathic females that had very insecure egos.

In one instance, I was friends with a woman in my yoga teacher training. We got into a little tiff about something and I told her I wanted space. She and I had been bartering Reiki sessions and had a very strong psychic/intuitive connection.

I remember sitting in a yoga lecture, across the room from her, suddenly feeling a waft of healing energy coming at me, almost like a cloud over the crown of my head. However, the energy was not pure Reiki (which is always open to someone’s free will to accept). Instead, with this energy, I felt a strong, almost bullying impression of “forgive me” pressing into my crown. In that moment, I consciously refused the energy and it dissipated. It sounds quite silly to write about because you must think, why didn’t you just accept it?

Was I being stubborn? No. I was not interested in forgiving her on her terms. This woman was very imbalanced and manipulative in our friendship, resonant of a type of person I’d attracted (does the empath and the narcissist ring a bell?) ever since my youth.

Saying no to someone in the psychic (often non-vocal) realm is totally okay.

More recently, a colleague sent me a message after I finished a lovely home yoga practice and felt very open and expansive. I perceived as having a hot and cold personality that also exists on the narcissistic side of the spectrum I regretted sharing personal information with them (I’m still learning healthy boundaries).

When I opened my message, they said, “I have a message for you.” My intuition immediately said this is baiting. I could have ignored it. It felt to me that this person wanted my attention, that they were somehow comparing themselves to me. My little, angelic intuitive voice then said: I don’t need a message. No thank you.

But “no thank you” was not how I responded. Instead, I let myself be tossed around by this person’s ego for a few weeks because I wanted to be polite. Instead of giving my body, I gave my mental peace. I eventually met with them and realized my intuition was correct. They were jealous and feeling imbalanced and needed to make themselves feel or seem important by putting themselves in a position of power — a position of psychic knowing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think psychic abilities are a gift and can be used for good when someone willingly seeks them out. But I also think psychic abilities can be harmful when they are used to amp up someone’s ego.

How many spiritual teachers are out there that profess to have the answers to your life’s problems? If a teacher tells you they know more than you do — run! If someone tells you they have the answers for you — doubt them!

Honoring Free Will

When I’ve taught Reiki, one of the first things I emphasize is that healing is the choice of the client. If someone wants to send distance healing, they are meant to ask for the receiver’s permission to send the healing (and you can also “ask” the person’s soul with the prayer, “if they aren’t open to it, may they let it go”).

The same goes for psychic information. When someone’s third eye is opening, they can begin to receive information about strangers they pass by. Should they share with a random person on the street that their grandmother is walking behind them? It’s recommended they do not unless of course, that person approaches with that desire.

Why then, do intuitive empaths get psychic information for strangers? Why can they feel others personal worlds so deeply? Because they are still learning to hone their gifts. One of the best advice gems my soul graced me with was this intention:

Only give me the necessary information for those that choose to work with me. I don’t want all of that psychic garbage. Grace me with the important information and leave the rest. And deliver all messages to me or anyone I am meant to work with, with gentleness and grace.

What happened when I started to believe the above statement? I stopped tuning in to all the static around me and I started to connect with only the necessary, which left my mind and heart pretty open and spacious.

I stopped being overwhelmed by my psychic gifts and started appreciating them for what they had to offer in the moments they were necessary. I was no longer bombarded by stimuli. I was much calmer and more grounded in the here and now.

Taking My Bitch (a.k.a, Empower-Me) Pill

You might ask why, more recently I experienced what felt like psychic rape (because this person got into my mind in a way that felt forced), after I shared the above intention has been working for me — and working well the past few years.

Well, sometimes we have weak spots and sometimes life wants us to strengthen them. I realized I had a weak spot for similar highly sensitive, intuitive humans — and perhaps a magnetic draw to narcissistic people — predominantly females.

In the psychic world, the “me, me, me” personalities often become charismatic spiritual teachers. They know how to charm a crowd. They know how to get people to love their persona, but deep down they are very wounded and lonely. These people are intimidated by authenticity and genuine intimacy — so intimidated that they have to bully their way back to being on top because they don’t know what true give and take looks or feels like.

Life presented me with this colleague-with-a-message situation to remind me to listen to her — that little intuitive voice — and to increase her power. I was given some sound advice (and advice that I asked for, mind you).

“Remember to take your bitch pill.”

I’m not wild about using the word bitch, as it has a negative and disrespectful connotation. So, I’ll substitute “Empower-me pill.”

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to stand in that empowered, intuition-guided place and say, “No thank you! I’m not interested. I’m walking away now.”

For the humans who have a hard time saying no: say no when your gut or that little voice tells you no. No is a powerful word — an empowering word. “No” is the word of a soul speaking its truth. “Yes” is the word of a soul knowing its truth.

Some moments require us to speak. Those moments pave the way for the moments, maybe the hours, days weeks where we know our truth — where we are living our truth.

We learn to live our truth by being comfortable saying, “No thank you,” and not feeling like a bitch.

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