We Never Lost The Magic — Set Free The Child Within


Hide And Seek: A Truth Tale

Once upon a midnight dream, we were told a tale of demons and goblins and many other dreary things.

The secret garden where our visions grow began to wither. We didn’t water the seeds, the hopes, the wishes, the dreams. We focused our eye upon the dragons and allowed the mere thought of the flames they breathe to singe our skin.

We traversed the lands of enchantment with faded maps and tired feet, too little water and not enough sleep; too many night terrors and not enough dreams.

We never lost the magic.
We never let it go.
We were waiting for the others;
We all have wings you know.

We were waiting in the darkness; trusting we would be found.

Inside each of our soiled selves, our tattered edges, our seemingly broken spirits, there remains a powerful and pristine child of the Universe. Waiting…

The clamor of the external world distracts us from the unadulterated sounds of our resilient spirit; our dormant, unexplored, innate, and infinite potential. Hiding…

We are created from pure liquid light, veraciously vibrating love, born with distinctive purpose, guided by source energy, fueled by passion. Seeking…

We are here to seek that which has been hiding.
We are here to set free the child within.
We are here to play.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…”

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