Dear Body — Your Beauty Amazes Me, If Only I Had Noticed


Dear Body,

I’m so sorry for the way I’ve treated you over the years. I’m sorry for the things I’ve said about you and the lies I believed. They were wrong.

You are a masterpiece.
You are strong.

Your legs hold me up, take me to new places, keep me grounded.
Your arms reach things other parts can’t reach. They hold things up and move them in just the right direction I need them to.
Your fingers grip the pen and craft the most beautiful words on paper.
Your eyes remind me of the sky — a blue so calming.
Oh, and did I mention your smile? When you smile your entire self changes. There’s a dimple that gives you character. One of your eyes crinkles just a bit when you smile, but I like it.

Though I used to believe you weren’t to be loved, today I’m reminded that you are worthy. When I look in the mirror I see your beauty. I see shapes that remind me of comfort, love, hard work, and happiness.

I know that my love for you will grow as we journey life together. Each day I see you in a different light; your beauty amazes me. If only I had noticed it in the past.

But, we live and we learn and we love.


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