Let’s Not Bring Each Other Down But Celebrate Our Differences


I truly believe that everyone comes into our life for a reason. Call it cliché, but I do believe that.

Even when we don’t understand the behavior, thoughts, or actions of another, if we open our eyes (and our hearts) and look past the very top layer, there is always something to learn. So often, we spend so much time on that top surface area and fixate on what is right or wrong, that we don’t allow ourselves to move past it.

Think about any type of plant coming up from our sweet mother. It may look beautiful on top or it may look quite pitiful, but the thing is, there is so much more going on down below — so much work being done at the roots.

Often times, we don’t give each other recognition or acknowledgment for all of that hard work. No matter what the plant looks like, all of them have something in common — that tiny seed.

Perhaps at one point, you are growing somewhere or towards something, right alongside many common seeds. You look around and see yourself in all those growing around you and it feels good.

At other times you might feel uprooted and surrounded by others who look and feel nothing like yourself, perhaps even threatened. Again, this is on the surface, but we all come from that common starting place — the seed.

We have so much to learn from each other, but we have to open ourselves to it. We can help each other grow by working together as we celebrate our differences.

Consider the beauty of a field of wildflowers, each one looks different; free and wild. They are not competing or judging, they are just being the beautiful, unique flowers they are, unapologetically so. The more diversity, the more sharing of space, the more growth together, the more beautiful the field.

Why do we bring each other down? Why do we fight and argue? We come from the same starting place and we return to the same earth. Our time of growth is the most glorious…together…our seeds…together…I learn from you and you learn from me.

Please, can we grow and learn from each other? I see you in me; our roots share this earth. Grow tiny seed — grow into you as we create a field of wildflowers.