Outside The Village Walls: Re-Wilding The Feminine Psyche


Where will we go from here? As a culture, we are finding ourselves coming to the dusk of our time. We are witnessing the sun, the solar, and the unbalanced ways setting, while the moon, the lunar, and the feminine rise.

We are coming to a place that calls us, holders of the feminine torch, not to pursue transformation through current pathways and expiring systems, but by genuinely evoking the remembrance of primal feminine wisdom. A wisdom that calls us back to the earth, and one that summons forth the enormity of, and the need for the expression of our emotions, hearts, imaginations, and bodies as ways of knowing and living into the world.

We are coming to a time that asks us to disrobe the vestiges of separation between the feminine and the wild. We are coming to a time that asks women of the earth to step outside the village walls. To leave the shelters and environments that keep us both safe and small. To trust that in leaving aside that which was never ours to clutch, we will come to recognize the fire burning in our throats and bellies, the wings expanding from our backs, the vastness of our own deep oceans, and the earth that pulses through our bones and blood.

In stepping outside the village walls, we evoke the possibility of remembering the ones that live in us: the Crone with her sharp tongue and unapologetic vision, the Wild Woman with her sacred passion and anger, the Witch with her devotion to soul and willingness to enter the depths, the Great Mother with her resilient heart-centered leadership, and many others that breathe within.

It is this very remembrance of feminine wisdom that, as Sharon Blackie expresses, will be that which prevents the perpetual wasteland of our time. In remembering and entering into intimacy with the wisdom, strength, force, and guidance of the feminine psyche, we create the opportunity to recover the destruction birthed from these imbalanced times.

And what if, perhaps, it is through leaving the village — leaving the conditioned and limited ways of knowing and sensing that our current system has placed upon us, and asked us to wear on our bodies and in our hearts — that we will come to know these ones that are asking to be revealed through us? These ones that will shape us, move us, change us in ways that bring us back to rhythm with the earth, that bring us to remember the force of nature we are.

The feminine is not solely responsible for anything, but we need her. She is I. She is you. Her pulse, her heartbeat, her fire, her winds, her roaring rivers, her warm ponds — all reside within. May we have the courage to step outside the village walls, the courage to leave that which we know, the courage to make space to remember long-forgotten ways of the feminine, the courage to usher her into these times, the courage to lead with her wisdom.

A poem: Outside the Village Walls

She steps outside the village walls,
feeling the clothes dripping off her skin.
The ties holding her hair dissolving,
the invisible cloaks and shells crumbling.

Outside the village walls
at first,
appears complete nothingness.
And yet,
the totality of it all.

Within it exists
unbearable simplicity.
And all the while,
the heartbeat of everything.

It is but a
gust of wind,
a small flame,
a pond,
a rock.

And still,
it is the holder of all existence.

Outside the village walls
she communes with the winged ones,
the wild fire,
the currents of water and transformation,
the knowing earth.

Outside the village walls
she is gathering and weaving,
dying and letting die,
living and coming to life.

Collecting jewels
and the finest of sand.
Dancing in the fire,
watching ashes fall beneath her feet
as she celebrates and weeps.

Outside the village walls
she swims with the whales
amongst coral reefs.
Flies in the sky
with the winged ones,
gathering clarity, lightness
– perspective.
Burns away in the flames
all that which she is not.
She grow roots,
feeling deep in her bones
earth’s marrow, celebration
– her woes.

None of which can be forgotten,
for it has always been.

The wings on her back
and the air in her lungs.
The fire in her belly
and the ashes sticking to the soles of her feet.
The water coursing through,
reminding her of the forever changing tides
and of the depths she has journeyed.
And the earth,
buried so deep within
she can no longer see where it ends and she begins
– for they are of the same.

Outside the village walls
she’s been revealed and wholed.
The Crone –
her jovial wit,
the trickster.
The Wild Woman –
naked on the rocks
drinking in the fire.
The Witch –
welcoming in the darkness
for she knows with that comes dawn.
And the Great Mother –
her trust and governance,
her communion with soul.

Outside the village walls
at first,
appears complete nothingness.
And yet,
the totality of it all.

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Natalie Marie Shapiro

A woman of the earth, Natalie is a force of nature and spirit, combining her passion for human development, social-psychology, mystical exploration, embodiment, ceremony, and nature as tools for individual and collective transformation. As a guide and facilitator, she ushers women further onto the path of soul, holding the vision that as we come into a fuller and more healed relationship with ourselves, we step deeper into a restored and enriched relationship with the earth as a whole. For nearly a decade, Natalie has worked closely with women in immersive one-on-one and group settings, specializing in practices of embodiment, consciousness, yoga and meditation, ritual, and the great return home to Self. As a woman of ceremony, she calls on the intelligence of plant-medicine and nature-based practices as gateways into other ways of knowing and belonging – all of which seed into her offerings and guidance. She has studied extensively with Laura Larriva Page, diving into the territory of soul, feminine development, and leadership. The combinations of Natalie’s education, immersive work, and developmental experiences continue to feed and inspire her place in the world.

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