We Are Sensitive Souls In A Challenging World


We came as loving pioneers from another realm.
To first forget our divine truth.
To then travel the meandering journey to authentic remembering.
With the “soul” purpose to spread the message of compassion, love, peace, kindness, integrity, and unity.

The challenges were more than imagined than those from the lofty perception of the Celestine home.
Honoring ourselves in the process became paramount to fulfilling the mission.

The wise walking with us, as us, and above us, reminded us of a noble truth.

We are not here to fight fire with fire.
Nor are we here to be burnt by it either.

Remember this:
We are sensitive souls, in a challenging world.
Yet our deepest conviction is of a peaceful, loving, life-enhancing one.

As we awaken more fully…

Our inner belief and divine connection steadily expand.
Our soul tribe, too, continues uniting globally.
Giving us the strength to stand steadfast in our quest.
Remembering our eternal connection to Source is paramount to the purposeful endeavor.

Our eyes radiant with a deeper clarity not of this world.
Heightened awareness raises our spirits.
Our minds become like a wizen Zen master.
Within, a lion’s courage has been growing. Almost unnoticed.

Yet the internal wins are to be celebrated.
A deeper truth has unfolded. Not one that needs defending or explained.

For the power of love is truly on our side.
The truth may be hard for some to swallow.
But with love at its side, the truth shall be heard.
The ride may be turbulent for all.
Yet, love is a soothing force, with mystical ways that can heal this world.
Just as a mighty river softens a rugged canyon,
So, will love’s purity create a peaceful humanity!

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