By Brigid Hopkins POETIC JUSTICE

Uncomfortable Is The New Comfortable & The Heave Out Of The Rut


The ruts that are worn
Come from a sense of comfort
Endurance to live is not living
The harder the waves crash upon your shores
The stronger the calling to soften
Invite in possibility
Things are ever changing
The illusion of grabbing
Or rutting in
Will not change the intensity
It will not protect one from
What is meant for you
Will come
Either as a gentle breeze
Or high tide
There is choice
There is control
It’s not outside of you
It’s in your heart
What is true for you
Not what you “should do”
Who you “should be”
What looks good to him, her, or me
Heave yourself out of the rut
Get comfortable with
Being uncomfortable
Let life see that you are no longer adversaries
But a team
One can never know how grand the view
When buried up to their neck in distorted sight
Give life your hand
Let it lead you
The end is the same for all of us
Choosing possibility
That is a portal for those living above the rut

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We don’t want comfort. We want courage. We want consciousness. We want unconventional. We want freedom. We want commitment. We want aliveness. We want what’s beyond language. We want what we’ve denied. We want vision. We want answers. We want prayers. We want power. We want infinity. We want responsibility. We want true beauty. We want all of magic’s secrets. We want proof that another world exists. We want contact . . . . . . #theurbanhowl #dreamyourlifeawake #howlforyourlife #youarethemagic #marionwoodman


Brigid Hopkins

Brigid Hopkins is the Founder of The Clarity Path, clarity coaching. As an author and coach, she has been offering healing services through Reiki, meditation, writing, and coaching for the last six years, with over 750+ hours of successfully guiding clients to support their next phase of growth. She draws upon multiple healing modalities including; Eco-Therapy, Shamanic, and Practical Reiki, Chakra Wisdom, guided meditations, and crystal therapy. Recently, Brigid's personal writing culminated in a memoir, Feathers Of A Phoenix, an exploration of her own journey of being raised by a single mother who struggled with substance abuse to draw meaning from her experiences. When not spending time with her husband and family, you can find Brigid pinning away in a coffee shop, exploring the shore of Lake Erie, or taking contemplative photographs of Nature. She connects to the community through writing and public service. Brigid currently serves as a faculty at the Lake Erie Institute.

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