By Rosie Garner YOUNGLINGS

From Daughter Of The Patriarchy To Un-F*ck-With-Able Woman



I was the good girl. The pretty girl. The people pleaser. The approval seeker. I was one of the girls who had to be perfect. I’ve come from a place where success is defined as marriage and babies by the age of 30.

A place where we make an unfulfilling commitment to a man because he ticks society’s boxes on a shitty piece of paper. A place where we have to choose between being empowered and being loved. A place where we are too afraid to speak out the truth or stand up for what we truly believe in out of fear of judgment, or upsetting the status quo.

Well, you know what? F*ck that.

Now it’s time to lift the veil on societal bullshit norms and dismantle the white picket fence. It’s time to start owning our shit and step into our true power. To cut the bullshit with food and diets.

To realize how f*cking beautiful our bodies are no matter what the number shows.

To shamelessly exude our sexuality, sensuality, and femininity.

To become the empowered, self-dignified woman at the head of the table who speaks up and takes full ownership and responsibility for her shit.

It’s time to let go of martyrism, relinquish f*cked social constructs, and give birth to the Priestess of the Patriarchy.


She is sensual, grounded, and connected to her own source of power. She walks with confidence, grace, compassion, and humility. She doesn’t look to anyone or anything else to complete her. She is whole, she is complete. She doesn’t need rescuing, she will save herself.

Similarly, she won’t rescue you, but she will stand beside you, holding a flame for you as you walk yourself out of the darkness.

She no longer looks outside of herself for answers. She holds all of the answers within herself. She is guided by her truth, her wisdom and her instinctual knowing. She trusts herself and everything she knows to be true.

Her beautiful body is her temple. She nurtures and nourishes it every day with self-love and guilty pleasures.

She makes love to only those deserving of her. She opens her heart despite past hurts. She allows herself to feel deeply. When she feels pain, she does so with courage.

Her vulnerability is her strength and her courage is her superpower.

She has made friends with the wounds and pains of her past and chooses to forgive herself and others.

When she feels triggered by fear or ego, she doesn’t deflect onto others, but she rides the wave of pain and knows that this too shall pass. She sees you and believes in you. Even if you don’t. She chooses to see the good in everyone and everything.

If others have misguided intentions, she knows it’s their personal battle, searching for lost parts of themselves.

She is gentle with matters of the heart and handles all hearts with sensitivity and care. If ever you’re afraid, she’s right beside you. She’s your biggest champion, your greatest ally. She’s holding your hand and your heart.

She loves love and trusts love. She is love.


She’s dark and has learned to see in the dark. She arrives riding on the back of trauma, emotional pain, heartbreak, and childhood wounds.

She’s fuelled with fire, passion, and wrath. She means business. She gives No F*cks while giving All The F*cks because she deeply cares.

When you have her trust, there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for you.
She’s loyal to no end. However, the moment you betray her, or someone she loves, you’re well and truly f*cked.

She forgives but she doesn’t forget. She creates magic and manifests shit like a Mother F*cker. She feels the fear and does it anyway.

She threatens the ego and f*cks fear right in its face. She’s well f*cked and she f*cks well. She speaks and seeks only the truth. She’s got your back and will stand up for you and what she believes in with power, grace, and dignity.

She knows her worth, knows your worth, and anyone who undermines her can f*ck off. She couldn’t give a flying f*ck about what you do for a living, how much you earn, or what you have. She wants to know who you are, why you’re here, what terrifies you the most, and what makes your heart sing.

She’s a lover and a fighter. She destroys in order to renew. She’ll challenge you to grow. She’s the voice of scared inner children and those too afraid to speak for themselves. She’s the un-f*ck-with-able woman. Don’t f*ck with her.

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  1. YESSSS! Heck f*cking yes!! What an amazing play with perspectives!!! So relatable! Thank you!

  2. Salina Thien

    You are a literary genius and you must get this out on more platforms. I’m sharing it with a very influential and amazing group of women. I’m sharing it with my mother, my sister, every woman I know! Bravo!

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