Let Our Highly Sensitive Children Bloom In Their Power & Divine Right


“Highly Sensitive” is simply another way of identifying children who possess emotional intelligence. They are tiny healers among us, forging the path, capable of deep empathy. Your pain becomes their pain, your story becomes their story, your fears become their fears.

They’re the way makers reminding us of all it means to be human.

But, being highly sensitive is a curse in this hardened world. No one recognizes it as the gift it truly is. We berate our children away from themselves. Coercing them to question what they know to be true, they’re disoriented away from their inner knowing. We teach them to dismiss feelings that coincide with sensation. Forcing them to circumvent the sensory input begging for release. We starve them of understanding and shame them into quiet corners of unforgiving walls.

Their unique spirit interferes with the machine that keeps the shadow of structure in place. Their qualities are “bad for business” because there are riches to be made off of the perception of brokenness. And our children watch as we destroy ourselves over these false beliefs.

We label what was never meant to be labeled and medicate the creativity away.

They know, this is not okay…

The truth of being highly sensitive means living your sensory/ emotional body out loud. It is beautifully natural, not brokenness.

When emotional data floods their system they must roar, wiggle, and quake it out for the world to see. It was never meant to be contained.

We mislabel this event as “dramatic” or “emotional” which strips them of identity. Suddenly all they ever knew of themselves is “wrong.” They’re left hiding in caverns of their mind questioning everything they believe, begging for permission to move in a way that makes sense to them and never receiving it. Bellowing out for release from the prison created for them, rather than being accepted in their chaos, now trapped in the illusion of feeling damaged, unloved, and unwanted.

This is the painstaking reality our sensitives endure. Every day, they’re reminded their form has no place in this unforgiving world. Commanded to sit still. Doomed to confining spaces despite the largeness of their presence. Disciplined for peculiarity.

Inch by grueling inch, the creative nature is metaphorically beaten out of them until they’re hollowed versions of their former selves. Toiling over how they could somehow receive love for their truth. Wishing to be brave enough to speak up, yet terrified to use their voice.

The truth is, adults are shattering the spirit of our youth and don’t even seem to give a damn about it. Our children possess a deep desire to share their gifts only to realize, not only are these abilities unwelcome but punishable by those who need it most.

It seems adults value fact retention over empathy, discipline over sensory release, and standardized tests over art. We’re stifling imagination and criminalizing soul expression, and destroying the only hope for our future by extinguishing their individual spark.

I believe, with awareness, we can change this. We can gift self-love, acceptance, and compassion. Their colors are meant to be splashed on the welcoming white canvas of their temple body. We can prove we trust they know what’s best for their bodies. Rest our judgments and allow children to be children. We can hand ourselves over to the unknown of their authentic design and allow them to lead the way.

All our children know is a sensory/emotional world. They live to move feelings through sensations. Our children are born human with a vast range of capabilities and understanding. Our kids are here to show us this dynamic is crucial to our bodies’ desire to thrive.

Our kids are not broken. What’s broken is the system that’s caused us to abandon our children. What’s wrong is not allowing them space to feel what is right for them. What’s damaged is the idea we must medicate the “strange” away. The only thing that is strange here is how we’ve turned our backs on our kids and allowed some nameless face to dictate what is “right” for our kids who know their bodies best.

They can’t “turn it off” and they shouldn’t have to, not for anyone. We need to start honoring what is really a marker of maturity and growth. Stop circulating this belief that our kids are damaged.

Let them bloom in their Divine right and love the hell out of them for it. What is working is the flawless brilliance of their design. They’re not broken, our perceptions are.

It’s time we examine an outdated system and find a better way for our kids; it’s not about what we think it should be, it’s about learning to work with what is.

Our children are treasures, and we are dimming their light. It’s time we find a way to let them shine.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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Robin Lynn


Robin Lynn or "The Mommy Healer" works one-on-one with moms, children, and families through video chat sessions. She specializes in the area of ​​highly sensitive, sensory processing, and empathic children. She works with parents to alleviate stress, overwhelm and anxiety in the home by enhancing family communications, and understanding empathy in the sensitive child. Robin helps facilitate healing by exploring the deep and difficult journey of parenting and navigating the needs of highly sensitive children.

  1. Thank you for the article. Beautifully written with love and compassion for our sensitive children.
    we must find a way to connect with our children with understanding and curiosity.
    Blessings. 🙏

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