I Used To Think My Dreams Were Forgotten (But I Don’t Anymore)


A Midnight Garden

I used to think my dreams were forgotten
I used to think they were washed away, broken like a childhood toy
I dreamt of a midnight garden
A place where flowers radiated of a glowing moonbeam
A place where the pond rippled with love
I dreamt of a place where every leaf was unique – and every one remembered
A place where the thought tree grows
A place where every silence is a harmony
I dreamt of a place where snow floated gently
A place where willow branches whispered lightly
A place where darkness was routine

I used to think my dreams were forgotten
I used to think they were locked away, shattered like a useless mirror
But now?
Now I’m not so sure
I dreamt of a place where there were two
A place where she climbed to the uppermost branches of the thought tree
As if it were Mount Everest
A place where he taught the lonely owl how to love without conditions
As if it was all he could think about
I dreamt of a place where there was color
A place where black and white were equal
A place where the sun donated her being for the moon to have a break

I used to think my dreams were forgotten
I used to think they were torn apart, ripped like a piece of paper
But now?
Now I’m sure
I no longer dream of a midnight garden
I stand in the middle of the midnight garden
Watching the stars twinkle with certainty
I wish I could have shattered that useless mirror long ago
I used to think my dreams were forgotten – but I don’t anymore


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  1. Art Emerson

    What a great piece of work Kendall Williams. Please continue to submit additional works.

  2. Molly Murphy

    Occasionally one is gifted the chance to read words that stirred the heart and soul of the writer. There’s something about them that reach out to the reader as if they want to share the experience. As if they can’t help it. You’ve got that special something. Keep writing!

  3. Josie Myers

    I’m there with you. This is just lovely.

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