Seeing Life Through Your Eyes (I Bet Your Goals Are Magical)


I wonder how it would feel
to see life through your eyes

I know I never will, but I wonder still
do you long to stand in my shoes?

At first glance, your grass appears thicker,
greener, more alive than mine

Are you curious about the dreams I dream
or the past I stuff deep down inside?

I bet your goals are magical
your hair shines like the sun,
your laugh moves the room

I can be funny too, yes
I’ve memorized dozens of punch lines

I sing, my voice is kind of flat,
but I can hold a tune

Oh, I love the way you walk
you stroll with such confidence

Do you ever long to see life through my eyes?
I was a straight-A student, yes
I’m a highly intelligent girl

I see the good in people
I can smile when I look in the mirror

But the boys smile at you,
and you hardly even notice

Just a day in your shoes, yes
would be all I need

I wonder how you see me
do you see beauty in me?

Oh, if I could just run barefoot
through your yard, how happy I would be!

I wonder how it would feel
to see life through your eyes…

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  1. I love this! Absolutely put her perspective in my heart. Now I have a new thought when I meet other strong women. Thank you!

  2. This girl is on fire🔥

  3. So happy for you!!!

  4. Love this! And love you Mabri! Can’t wait for more to come! Proud of you girl! ❤️

  5. Samantha L

    I always knew you’d be an amazing writer and this right here proves it. Congratulations beautiful!

  6. Michelle

    I love it Mabri!!! Keep it up!!

  7. Very poetic. Wondrous, mysterious, and demands a second look. Keep thinking, keep dreaming, and keep writing!

  8. Brooke m

    That’s my friend! You’re so talented! Keep it up babe! Love you! ❤️

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! You have a deep beauty within you, full of gifts just like this! Let it shine! 🙂 Let this be the beginning of even more to come! <3

  10. This made me have tears of joy! So proud of you beautiful flower 🌸🌷

  11. Wow! Lots of times people say that perfection doesn’t exist; you just prove them wrong!

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