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Settle Down Little Sparkle, It’s Okay To Not Be Shiny All The Damn Time


A lot of the time our feeling “off” is when we feel the feelings of being in an undesirable emotional place. The space we tend to call “off”. More often than not, what creates the heaviest and the most “off” sensations is our resistance to what we are feeling in the first place.

I find that I tend to feel really off at the most random of times for no apparent reason. I’m just going about life the best way I know how and then — bam! A lovely little kink in my plans that is beyond my control.

My entire system can go off-line in the strangest of unpredictable ways. I will feel totally uncentered, unwell, and off my game of feeling in flow. My brain seems to need a reboot, and my body, being the boss, often demands I sleep more and engage outwardly less. So I do.

Even though it wasn’t part of my plan, I’ve learned to listen. Before learning to listen, I was not too happy about the off situations. However, I also noticed it only compounded the situation more.

Knowing that it’s easier, and seemingly even more enjoyable to be in an “on” state — in the state of flow, and feeling well — my mind seemed to resist the opposite states I could shift into. I’ve caught myself feeling annoyed, and in moments frustrated with this…offness. As if to almost believe I should always be running at a pace that feels amazing.

Believing I should not be feeling my off days only ended up punishing my body more for its natural inconsistency of how it does its thing. We can eat well, hydrate well, exercise well, think well, and do all the things we know to do in order to keep the system happy, but this doesn’t guarantee we will be in a consistent state that is most enjoyable.

It means we do the best we can, and then we either accept where that places us, or we can resist the places we don’t enjoy.

Surrendering to the offness honours our body’s fluctuating ways and starts the communication for it to be heard — and we learn to actually enjoy that which once felt unenjoyable. Our body is always talking to us, telling us what it needs, but are we always listening? Nope. We half-ass listen, but then don’t like what it’s saying and get annoyed with it. Kinda ridiculous when we see things for what they are.

Am I right or am I right? How many times do you feel annoyed when you feel off?

I caught myself making this face of irritation when I was deeply inside an offness recently and was like — whoa, girl. Settle down little magic sparkle, it’s okay to not be shiny all the damn time. That light needs a recharge from time to time so let’s let the system do that when it is so obviously asking for it.

I actually smiled at myself when I caught just how resistant and judgmental I was being to my body’s process. There was “stuff” and “work” I felt I needed to do, “things” I needed to get done, and it was like my brain shut off and my body had a completely different to-do list than I did.

But I quickly saw how I was inadvertently slowing the process it needed. I just need to listen and drop the resistance to what my body was telling me.

We are human. Our bodies will do an array of things. And our body is our boss. No matter the wellness game we play, we can still end up feeling mega-off and unwell, so there is no need to beat ourselves up or be disappointed for being inside these fleshy shells.

We may need more rest than usual. We may need to shut off the outside world. We may need to sleep more, think and do less, and change our schedule or cancel a thing or two.

And it’s all okay. Even when we don’t feel it. We are okay. It’s okay to feel off. And be in a space we do not enjoy. If we learn to surrender there, we drop the resistance to being there — and when we drop the resistance and be there, fully, we accept what is and can then shift more naturally.

We learn to communicate with and respect this vessel we are in. Our body really is our boss. One we need to listen to. So wherever you and your body are today or need to be — be there. Fully.

We don’t have to like it, but when we learn the act of loving it by listening and respecting all our body is saying — we no longer work against ourselves. Even in the offness, we can find our flow. And grow.

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Krissy VanAlstyne

Krissy VanAlstyne is a fiery force. One who shows up intimately transparent in her truth, inspiring others to do the same. She does so in her private life, through her writing, and in her heart's earthly work, as a Life Coach. Krissy offers soul-level support, and guidance to those aligning with their deepest truths, exploring their darkest shadows, and who are experiencing the painful dismantling that comes with awakening. She's a woman on a soul-driven mission, an invite back to all we have ever forgotten—that we are love, that we are truth, and that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. She knows we are all here for great purpose, and reminds us of this knowing in the mesmerizingly complex simplicity that she continues to stand in—the fire that is her. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. When I feel “off” it always results from a shift of energy in the people I am living with. No matter how far we are in physical distance, I immediately feel when they become displeased, upset or unsatisfied. It throws me off my game.

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