Awaken Your Inner Genie — Whatever You Wish For You Can Have


“Creating Intentions is manifesting magic.”

“Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I am the type of sunflower you don’t meet every day.”

“I am so beautiful. Yes, I am. I used to be a seed. Now look at me! Hehe, Wow!”

“I notice you appreciating my natural radiant beauty. Do I remind you of your eternal truth? A reflection of your divinity? Your true essence? Yes, undoubtedly I’m sure”.

“I am a happy little sunflower. I choose to rejoice in all of life. I am a wise sunflower too. Don’t you just love the words, I am?”

“Using the magical little words ‘I am’ made a world of difference in my ‘sunflowery’ life. I kept saying to myself, I am wonderful. I am beautiful. I am peaceful. I am accepted. I belong. I am loved. I am grounded. (Well, yes, the last one was easy for me.)”

“And look what happened! I am surrounded by beauty! The reflections of who I became are now everywhere. Nothing is ordinary. All has become an extraordinary experience to be embraced and enjoyed.”

“Now I’d like to introduce you to a very special friend of mine. Wiser than me, I used to think to myself. But hey, that was simply my perception. Fortunately, my friend reminded me of this Universal truth of perception.”

“Okay…drum roll please…”

“Without further ado, please allow me to introduce, The Magic Intentions Genie! But first, a little introduction to add to the mystery.”

“The Magic Intentions Genie is all mysterious, knowing, and everywhere imaginable, hence why there is no specific sighting of the Intentions Genie.”

“I, however, love the limelight. Um, I mean the sunlight.”

“Anyway, courageous travelers to planet Earth, please standby for a significant reminder from The Magic Intentions Genie on behalf of the ever-loving Universe.”

“Oh, okay, so the mystery continues. There is no actual appearance. No, that would be asking too much. You see it’s about the belief of what is possible, and that miracles can and do happen. Frequently, I might add. But you knew that. You just decided to create this reminder, right?”

“The following is like an excerpt from the Magic Intentions Genie’s ponderings. You will feel much more in synchronicity with the Genie’s perspective of the unseen, after this rare glimpse of such sacred wise words.”

“Interesting, huh? You must already believe anything is possible. You’ve just spent the last few minutes reading words from a happy sunflower.”

. . .

An ancient script from The Magic Intentions Genie

There is a magic genie, granting miracles in every moment.

Whatever you wish for, you can have.

Like a magical switch within your mind, connected eternally to divine intelligence.

The genie will grant your every wish, with the most loving of intentions.

But you must master your mind, as it holds incredible, interconnected power.

A light switch that you can turn on or off like an intermittent guidance of a lighthouse controlled by your thoughts.

Love or fear can be yours. Doubt or certainty.

Separateness or oneness. Cooperation or competition.

Trust or Caution. War or Peace.

The unknown or a world full of incredible possibilities.

A mediocre life or one filled with heavenly dreams.

Whatever you intentionally wish for, can be true.

Your most inspired dream life, with focused energy can be yours.

The genie will grant whatever you wish, without judgment or interference.

This switch of good fortune has a dimmer. A magical energy frequency modifier.

Turn it down via your thoughts to experience a graying, unloving world, if you so choose.

Or increase the flow of synchronistic, unconditional love with a focused, intentioned twist.

To the genie’s all-knowing, loving perception, all experiences that are granted are wonderful.

To reflect on this, is for you to also perceive through the eyes of the loving Universe.

For without any one experience, how would you know what to wish for next?

Will you dare to see life from the genie’s perspective? Is it too much to think that you are a magic genie too?

Three wishes are a myth. The Universal Genie allows three trillion to infinity.

Life’s abundance is always at your beck and call. Only a thought or three away.

The genie’s intent is that you choose the wisest of intentions. That each intention is in alignment with your highest good and wildest dreams. For to choose your intentions wisely is to call forth the Universe to act on your behalf of fulfilling them.

Each time you state an intention through thought, word, or deed, the intention angels swoop into action, and each wish with the most energy sets into motion a rocketing of creative experiences towards you to fulfill those dreams.

All as if you were the essence of a master yourself. Which you are. Which the Universe has always known.

It’s time to manifest all that you could dream up, and then some, as you truly master the art of creating an intentional, purposeful life.

With unconditional love, the Universe.
Otherwise known throughout the galaxy
as the “Genie of all genies”

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