Full Blue Moon Blessing — Authenticity & Harmony Illuminate Your Truths


“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Blue (Full) Moon in Libra, 31st March 2018 at 13:36pm BST.

The Blue Moon is once again upon us. She is called a Blue Moon as it is the second Full Moon in the same month.

At the same time, Mercury is also in Retrograde and this energy can mean that self-expression can be a challenge for some.

Saturn’s presence in this mix can also give rise to feelings of sadness so this Full Moon has the potential to be quite a mixed bag where emotions are concerned.

However, whenever heavier energies are present, it just means that there are opportunities knocking on the door for us to gain awareness of and become conscious of the aspects within us that are responding to these energies.

One aspect that I would really encourage you to look at is to examine and reflect on self-talk. Mercury Retrograde always gives us that little bit of a much-needed boost to tell ourselves some longed-for truth.

However, as always, using discernment is key, especially for those of us who are empaths. It is so easy to pick up on other people’s thoughts and emotions that they are thinking about and directing towards you. It is especially important at this time simply because everyone else is being exposed to the same energies and everyone is consciously or unconsciously attempting truth from their individual perspectives.

The energy is feeling a little bit like a rollercoaster right now and it can be a really tough time separating your feelings from what you are empathing from other people. I cannot stress enough the importance of being aware of your own feelings.

A lot of muddied thoughts can arise at this time. Try to have the patience for reflection in order to sift through them so that you can achieve clarity and direction. These muddied thoughts are very important to your authentic self and particularly important for empaths right now.

If optimized well, Libra energy will help bring harmony to these muddied and muddled energies.

I’d also like to remind you that Aries energy is authenticity and Libra energy is harmony. My bet is that this energy combined will bring illumination to truth.

Mercury is helping us see truth. You will see through people like you never have before. The combined cosmic energy present and available to us is revealing the level of authenticity that people are at.

You will see who is adorning themselves with fake glitter and crowns — who is pretending to be what they are not. Relationships that need to be looked at right now are coming under the spotlight.

This is not to be used as a weapon to bring someone down to their knees because that is very much what our competitive ego would like.

The key to making good use of this energy is to always have awareness and try your hardest not to personalize it. Everyone is on their own journey and doing the best they can. However, it is useful to see truth like this as it can give us so much perspective.

One of the reasons for this is simply because if you can see the struggles that others are going through, it may just help you be kinder to yourself, as well as to others. It helps us with judgment too because chances are, we are seeing some very unpleasant, icky stuff about our own selves too.

Seeing without filters is very useful. It is a good way of reinforcing knowing and intuition, understanding our boundaries, informing how we communicate with others, and how much of ourselves we will give to others. It is also going to show us how we can step back from allowing other people make us feel like we are not good enough.

When we are aware of our truth, and are able to see other people without filters, we will also stop enabling the lies that they tell themselves.

In a way, this forces other people to try to examine themselves on a very deep soul level, too. This is one way we can encourage authenticity in others around us.

As you can see, if we use it as a tool for growth with the perspective that things happen for us, not to us, we can completely optimize and harness the cosmic energy that is present with us right now.

Not having awareness is the equivalent of looking at our surroundings only on the surface, which is what I refer to as surface truths. Looking only at a surface truth may cause you to jump to conclusions and give rise to misunderstandings.

The strengths of Libra are graciousness, diplomacy, and fair-mindedness. The flip side of Libra is that there is a potential to be indecisive and carry a grudge, as well as to indulge in self-pity. This alone can gift us a wealth of direction with discerning, in the event that we jump to conclusions or our paths cross with misunderstanding.

My message to you this Full Moon is to focus on awareness, balance, choices, and discernment. It will serve you so well.

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"Although judgements are valid, blame is not useful at this time. It can deter your efforts for clear seeing and drain your energy. Remain steadfast and rooted in your internal wisdom, gather great tenderness for everyone as the journey ahead is one that has not yet been defined. Keep your vibration high, stay open to receive guidance and be available for others. From within your heart know that you carry the same rhythm that is central to all of life. Remember your interconnectedness. For what is ultimately true will hold the vision for sustainability." —Andrea Maxine Frade of @practice_seeing_beauty #moonsandstars #weeklymoonmagic #howlforyourlife Read more:

@kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn


Lalita Simon-Creasey

Lalita Simon-Creasey has been a rebel all her life and struggles to conform to what the world wants her to be. She has an intense passionate love affair with walking as much as she can as her Authentic Self and this is why she loves her life’s purpose so much. As a Medium and Way Shower, she guides people on transformative Soul Quests to uncover their Authentic Self within. When she is not talking to people about Authentic Selves, she shares her divinely inspired soulful insights on her Facebook page with the purpose to inspire her readers to be the change they want to see. She also runs a household that seems chaotic and messy at times but with a perfectly content husband and two children who, like her, don’t seem to conform all that well either! You can also connect with Lalita at Soulful Insights on Facebook or Instagram.

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