By Krissy VanAlstyne HOLY FIRE

Align With Your Truth & Do All The Damn Things You Need To Do


Do whatever the f*ck it is that you need to do in order to stay in alignment with your own truth.

Whatever the f*ck it is.
Do all the damn things you need to do.
Say no, and stop showing up.

Maybe it’s a say “yes”, and start showing up someplace new.

Let that person down, and show the world that you are not here to live up to others’ expectations and instead, honor your own.

Walk away from anything, anyone, or any situation that feels heavy in your being with no explanation given.

Just go.


We need not explain anything if that is truly what feels “right” inside our being.

Challenge all the notions that this is “bad” or “unloving” or whatever the hell people say.

The only “bad” or “unloving” part at all is dishonoring these notions when they arrive for us to honor.

Do you.

Speak up when everything in you is screaming no no no no no — this has to change, and that isn’t right.

And speak with conviction.

F*ck you. No thank you.

Feel every single emotion and feeling that surfaces, completely and fully — regardless of what anyone thinks or how someone may encourage you to change your state to have you believe you “shouldn’t” feel that way.

You do feel that way.
So, therefore, you should.
Because you are.

Act on that notion in your being that’s suggesting you do something, change something, move somewhere, or do a damn thing that keeps repeatedly showing up asking you to do it, even if it doesn’t make sense to.

Do it anyway.
It will make sense eventually.

Let the universe guide us to where we are meant to be.
Starting with right here, right now.

Whatever you need in this very moment to honor your truth, no matter the judgment that may arise in self or in others that encourages us to live a lie.

Honor that truth anyway.

No one else, no matter how much we may want someone to, will be able to honor our truth for us.

We do not need them to.
Nor do we need their permission to honor it ourselves, either.

Don’t like me?

Don’t agree with how I feel or what I need to do?
Extra cool!

I don’t need them to.
And neither do you.

We just need to love ourselves enough to honor everything that comes up in us.

And every day.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom.

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"Wild is owning. Owning your truth, your life, your labels, your strength. Wild is fierce strength, animal strength, the kind of strength that tumbles down on Mount Olympus, the kind of strength it takes to get up each morning and face the day." —Courtney Quinlan #WAKINGWILD Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @tanyamarkul @thugunicorn


Krissy VanAlstyne

Krissy VanAlstyne is a fiery force. One who shows up intimately transparent in her truth, inspiring others to do the same. She does so in her private life, through her writing, and in her heart's earthly work, as a Life Coach. Krissy offers soul-level support, and guidance to those aligning with their deepest truths, exploring their darkest shadows, and who are experiencing the painful dismantling that comes with awakening. She's a woman on a soul-driven mission, an invite back to all we have ever forgotten—that we are love, that we are truth, and that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. She knows we are all here for great purpose, and reminds us of this knowing in the mesmerizingly complex simplicity that she continues to stand in—the fire that is her. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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