Over The Anger — I Choose Trust & To Love This World More


A Poem For Mother Earth

They said,
be the change you wish to see in the world.
I transmuted lifetimes of pain,
And removed chain after chain,
To break free and to change.

I cocooned until I transformed.
Ready to fly, until it stormed.

They said,
heal yourself first, before you can heal others.
I sat with my inner demons, ready to suffer.

I travelled through mist, through the dark nights of my soul.
Trying to find my light again, for that was my goal.
My light got bright, brighter and brighter,
I stood tall like a warrior lighthouse, feeling lighter.

They said,
Attachment is the root of all suffering,
So I gave up my belongings and started wandering.

They said,
If you want to be loved, love yourself first
I looked into the mirror and had to curse.
How does one love oneself?
I found it in silence, while communing with the divine.
That I am divine myself, and God’s most beautiful design.

But why is this Earth still not a better place?
I wonder, losing my faith.

I read the news, and look at the current state.
I feel Mother Earth’s pain, and feel it’s too late.

My soul cries as anger rises,
and storms into my throat, because it recognises:
It’s too scared to express itself,

I want to scream.
So loud,
So badly.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up, everyone,”
Look at Mother Earth, oh what have we done?
Oceans of sadness flood down my face,
I apologise to Her, yearning for Her embrace.

“Have faith, be patient,” my heart whispers.
“You’re not alone, you have so many sisters.”

But how many lifetimes of patience does it take?
We suffer, She suffers, an endless ache.

But you know what?

I choose to trust and to love this world more.
Standing tall with my light, even brighter than before.

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