Waking Wild — Songs Of The Daughters Of The Moon & Sun Shall Be Heard Again


Inside The Darkness: Rediscovering Your True Power

In the beginning was She. She that always is.

Throughout all my childhood I dreamt of magic. I used to fantasize for hours about fairies and mermaids and that white light which transformed everything into beauty. I was raised believing all that I dreamed of wasn’t real. I was surrounded by grey and my colors just didn’t fit in, in their lies.

It took me years in pain to understand that truly my dreams were real. That the magical world I dreamed of had always been there. Suffering, fighting, waiting to be believed again. Unfortunately, or because of a destiny affair, this has been a state many witches — or let’s call them (us) “magickal beings” — have been through.

We have been asked to walk through the darkness, to face her, and build our habitat inside her. To dream inside her, to grow and fight, and be hopeless inside her. Just like “The Creator” did. Yes. Just like SHE did. Because in the beginning was SHE, The Primal Divine.

Now we, her daughters, are walking the darkness too, and we too shall win because SHE did. And this is the All truth. This is the true fountain of power. Her heart beats of unconditional love keeping the Universe alive. But a heart of a witch already knows this. We have walked the ways of magick before. Through past lives here on earth or other creations between the stars.

I just felt the need to remember. To remember that even inside the dirt and madness, inside the very darkness and pain, we are still Her daughters.

We are still the purest magickal light. We were never abandoned in the darkness, never thrown inside her. We were never left alone.

We choose to come here and go through this, knowing SHE is within us all. She is within You. SHE is and SHE will always be. And you, magickal being, are here on a mission. A mission from which you shall emerge victorious. It is written inside you.

And so the songs of the Daughters of the Moon and Sun shall be heard again, all over the Earth. Healing the Primal Divine inside us All. Our prayers and magick have always been here and all over the Universe. Because as another witch said, “Words carry meaning,” a meaning they tried to steal, but they couldn’t, so they just covered it with lies and mist.

This is a time of truth, so I must say fear is an illusion. It has always been. You carry the magick and the free will within you. You decide what to create. Find where you came from and how you won over the madness.

There lies your true fountain of magick. There you are, Divine and unbeatable, ready to take over the darkness.

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" spider web BY SARAH L. HARVEY I am a woman, she says. The ancient sands themselves have written upon me I am the mystery, she whispers. I am the sorrow, the hope, the madness, and the joy. I am the chaos, the complete and utter down-and-out despair. I am the breakdown, the anger, the ache, the agony, and the sweet warmth of a kiss shared between young lovers. No Thing Is too big For the softness Of my lap. I am all of it, she says — I am the dirt and the disaster and the prayers you thought were never heard. I am the hot gusts of long-needed transformation. I am all the darkness in the world. The empty, lonely hollow bones that just want to just give up. I am the profane, the irresistible, the seductive. And I am all of the light, the magic, the celebration, the laughter, the innocence, and the purity. Dark Braided With Light I am Both. All of it. Everything. I am the flame And the extinguishing." —@sarahlouisaharvey . . . Read more: #wakeupanddream


Ina Gjata


Ina Gjata is a Moon lover, not yet graduated journalist, painter, life lover. Passionate about the wild feminine and wild creatures. She doesn’t do well with system rules, regulations and lies. A born rebel being, she believes real truth is inside us all and that writing is a piece of the great truth, meant to be told, and manifested. Connect with her on Facebook.

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