Find Your Magical Vortex & Feel Content Right Here And Now


Have you found your vortex yet?

It’s such a wonderful feeling, to have found my vortex.

When I’m inside of my vortex I am what I seek already, it’s all there for me to access.

I don’t need to seek love because I am love and thus I see love all around me; the young man who gently lifts his dog up so he can drink from a water fountain, the French female owner of a restaurant in a picturesque village who loves her place, where you find love in the teas or coffees that she prepares. There is love between her and her husband, love is all around this place.

I am excited about being in this space, this dimension, this high emotion of pure love and joy. It seems real, it seems beautiful, it seems like the highest state I could possibly be in.

I feel content on my own, right here, right now.

There is no lack of anything.

I have tears in my eyes as I realise and feel this.

This contentment in the present moment, this is my vortex — out of which I can create miracles, out of which I can manifest what I desire.

This is where I need to be, inside this vortex of high vibrations.

Everyone here on Earth is here to help me, to find my way, to support me, to show me who I am, to teach me to stretch my views, to grow, to judge less, to forgive more, to climb up my ladder to the divine without forgetting to help others to climb up with me.

Everyone here agreed to come and help me, to lovingly guide me — or forcefully, should I not get the lesson. Everyone helps me to understand myself better and my human emotions of sadness, loss, grief, anger, disillusionment, and abandonment.

Everyone here is teaching me how to recognise my fears and to work through them.

Everyone here is showing me my shadows so I can love them and turn more towards the light.

Everyone and everything is connected, helping me to fly higher and higher.

Everyone and everything is helping me to recognise my limitations when flying off too high and not being grounded enough in the material.

When I’m in my vortex, I am in a little bubble that is not too above, nor too below – but comfortably nestled between these two beautiful realities.

In that exact spot, I allow myself to merge with these two energies from high above and from below me. I allow Mother Earth’s energy and the Divine energy to flow through me in equal measures.

That’s my magical vortex; that’s where I need to be more often. This is where I need to learn to go to when times seem tough.

This is the point that helps me to look at my life through a bird’s perspective, without losing touch with reality. This is how I can see what’s going on from a higher level of consciousness and still ground it into reality.

This is where I merge with the divine effortlessly, and share that energy with the world when grounding it into the physical.

Isn’t that wonderful, this vortex? It seems like such a little space between two realities, so hard to find.

Mastering the ability to find this spot again and again, is the key to more magic in our lives. It’s the key to manifest more of what we want, the key to survive difficult periods, the key to see everything with humour, and to not take ourselves too seriously.

I love my magical vortex.

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