By Krissy VanAlstyne HOLY FIRE

Take Your Priceless, Magical Ass Off That Discount Rack — It Doesn’t Belong There


Want to see how well we are loving ourself?

One way is to take a look at the relationships that we have.

Like, I’m talking a good, hard, honest look at what we are participating in.

The kind of relationships we have with others is a reflection of the kind relationship that we have with our self.

Relationships are a direct reflection of how we are loving ourself.

They’re a glimpse at how much we are valuing ourself.

Tired of half-assed, hot and cold, in and out relationships that run around in circles?

Relationships that feel continuously painful, without the ability to meet resolve time and time again?

If we are tired of this shit then we must own our shit.

Like, right now!

Let’s get our shit in order and raise our fucking value, pronto!




One way is to stop showing and proving our worth to anyone who doesn’t see it.

How does that look?





Raises our own acknowledged value in an instant!

Raises the love we show our self, in the same instant.

Our job isn’t to show up and prove our worth to anyone.

Our job is to know our full value so we can stop showing up in any space that wants to discount it.



If you want fuck yes love, then stop accepting anything less.

Stop saying, with our actions, that we are worth being discounted.

Which is exactly what we say when we show up in spaces that bargain us down, bring us down, and look not for ways to raise prices collectively, as high-value relationships do, but instead, attempt to use us as consignment in some half-off, broken-hearted store sale.



Want more ways to love our self and raise our value?

How ‘bout this?…

Stop looking for all the ways we can step up if stepping up has been getting us nowhere and instead…

Step on out!

Stop offering our best when what we’re getting, at best, is confusion and consignment store treatment.

You’re a god damned priceless unique boutique, all-in-one!

So why aren’t we acting like it?!

Still want more?

Try this fit on for size…

Stop sticking around in any situation when someone isn’t sure about you.



Remember, if you want fuck yes love, you need fuck yes contributors.

Reduced love isn’t love at all.

Maybe love isn’t love at all.

Or not by my standards anyway.

It’s just pain redirected instead of processed by its owner, and soon to be compounded in us when we stick around, letting it happen.

Furthermore, it is not our job to stand by while another figures out our worth to them.

Let them figure that part out alone.

Walk away.

Take your priceless goods with you.

Know your value and take your heart off the fucking discount rack already.




Know that and we will only ever have relationships with people who not only know that — but fucking treat us like that too.

But this starts with you.

Do you know your value?

Or are you letting the world discount you?

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