By Sara Hocking WAKING WILD

No Longer Stuck In The “Should” But Learning To Soar Like The Crow


The banshee screeches, begging for my attention. I deign to give it, but it has become impossible not to.

Each morning, like clockwork, the lone crow appears, shrieking. I’m convinced it is the same bird, every single morning between 7:15 and 7:30, rousing me from my peaceful slumber.

Crow doesn’t even have the decency to sit atop the lone tree gracing our suburban plot. Instead, he claims his throne on the tallest tree in the neighbor’s yard, the one with gnarled branches and limbs, twisting its way above the others in the perfect ode to the withered crone.

For weeks upon weeks, I envision the bird’s death. I see myself grabbing it by the rump and the head and wrenching its head off. Wholly uncharacteristic of me, I am horrified by my own thoughts of ending the life of another living creature.

I am able to maintain my sanity until the moment when an idea arises. Animals are able to receive telepathic communication. Rather than plotting and planning its death, why don’t I try to communicate with Crow in a different way?


I haven’t done it before, but I may as well start here. We always find a new way because we have to. As I lay in my cozy bed, raging against the rude wake-up call, I send a picture to Crow. From my mind to his. A picture of him taking flight and flying away. I continue sending this and pull myself out of my slumber, only to realize Crow is gone. He’s not just quiet, he’s flown away.

Maybe a fluke, maybe not. I try this again over days and days and days. Each time, it works. Each time I send Crow the picture from my mind’s eye, he receives it and is gone. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? The magic here is not something I fell into through elaborate ritual or a guidebook. The method simply popped into my head and I ran with it, unattached to the outcome.

I think about how easy all aspects of my life could be if I did what popped into my head, unattached to the outcome.

I often lose sight of the adventure and the benefit of trial and error. I become stuck in the “should” and the “this has to work”.

Rather than looking at the opportunity to try something new, I was finding myself mired in the old. This extended to my business, my relationships, my entire life. But, we’ve moved into the beginning of the zodiac calendar, with Aries, the initiator. I am taking this ram for a spin.

Each time a new possibility pops into my head, I explore it. I let it percolate, if I’m having a genius moment, I write it down. The beauty is that whenever I do this, another idea pops in. Then another and another and another. I am in the flow. Before I know it, there are new opportunities at every turn.

Stagnancy’s rule had ended.

I let something new into my awareness and played with it. I discovered it works. Now, I am ready to take flight, open to any possibility, maybe in soaring along with Crow.

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"Rising from the vast, expansive “singing mind” of the Earth, all beings, from each blade of grass to every roaming buffalo, are dreaming their lives into existence and simultaneously being dreamed forth by the Earth. Psyche, often defined as the human mind, soul or spirit, is anything but strictly of human origin. Rising from a collective and teeming web of life, psyche could be seen as a dynamic and pulsing matrix where the souls of all beings gather to dance and play. Invoking limitless possibilities of form and expression. Perhaps Gaia, herself, is but one swirling whirlpool of dreams within the larger river of Mystery. Imagine a deep and dark cosmic underworld waterway where every star and planet spins itself into a colorful vortex of descent. Streams of red and yellow, blue and silver, orange and gold, ribboning out from a center of amorphous individuation. There are countless opinions on the significance and origin of dreams. Some believe them to be nothing more than electrical firings of our neural circuitry. An amalgamation of experiences and encounters from the daily proceedings of one’s everyday life." —Amanda Jade Fiorino of Wild Earth Medicine #wakeupandream #dreamingandbeingdreamed #wakingwild Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn @wildearthmedicine


  1. Challenging scenario sent with love and curiosity: let us say an idea pops up that serves another (ie, the crow flying away for your sleep), you go along with the idea and sooner or later realize it was not beat for you. Do you continue in the flow state? Do you stop to ponder ideas as they arise?

    • Great question, Brianna!!! A tough one too. 😀 This crow situation has been going on for over a year now, so I am confident in this particular scenario. I would normally observe the situation for a while before taking any action. And, I don’t believe that I’d try to change a scenario that is meant for someone else, even if I am uncomfortable..

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