America, Why Do You Beat Up On Your Poor?


Why does America beat up on its poor?

Its hardworking hungry, its workday whores
And pitting the needy against the needier
The suit-wearing porcine faced men growing greedier
Whose miserly eyes get smaller and beadier and
Scorch up the earth like a Hollywood meteor

Why are they stealing the money from those
In the broken down cars and hand-me-down clothes
As they spit in their eye and step on their toes
Bled drier and drier and led by the nose
And how can a person bust their ass all week
And not even have a safe place to sleep
There’s a fervor that’s rising, we can’t stand it no more

America, why you got to beat up on your poor?

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Moon Wisdom "The stronger and more unified the force of human presence is the more universal power can get behind it. Miracles happen when we believe in people. You must hold sacred ground in times like these. The old arguments of rationalising it away, won’t work. You must remain realistic and ever more attentive. While you fight together for these causes — clean water and basic human rights (among others) — you must you must you must continue to defend the sacred from within you. The principles of the 13 grandmothers will help guide you: Gratitude, Integrity, Wisdom, Balance, Family, Peace, Compassion, Diversity, Unity, Tenderness, Wonder, Justice, Co-Operation, Expression, Vision, beauty, Creativity." —Andrea Maxine Frade #moonsandstars #newmoonnovember #howlforyourlife Read more: 
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