By Leahanne Woods Smith HOLY FIRE

Truth Of Womankind: We Are The Path Makers & Dragon Slayers For Ourselves


There is so much around us that tells us to stay in the box. As women most of us have been raised to be caretakers. Most of us have been taught that in order to be accepted or to survive that we would need to spend all our time and energy ensuring of the care of others.

And, to spend any of our life energy on something for ourselves would be selfish, sinful, out of order, a disgrace. We are basically told that we are not good enough, and so in order to survive we will have to hang onto other’s ways, and even another’s grace if we are so lucky.

So often we do not realize that we have agreed to this common false truth. And, we begin “self-empowerment” without first finding the origination that which began our self defeating behavior still at large inside us.

And, to make it worse, we are put on a pedestal when we look empowered, when we appear as the status quo, when we use our gift of gab or our training in looking professional to sell programs, or in any way seem to be living on a higher level.

We are literally paid in today’s culture to appear to have some sort of edge over others. This “edge” is inspirational to other women. It looks like the real deal. And, it even feels like the real deal. But, it is actually only temporary, only an idea.

Although ideas are great and we need them, it is so easy in today’s fast paced competitive world to see these ideas as the end all be all. We are often not in touch with our true nature enough to see that the ideas are not long term. And, we want a quick fix. We do not see that these ideas are only pieces or clues towards our real truth.

Our inner being is constantly trying to get us to pay attention to the things in our surroundings that are clues, breadcrumbs on a path we’ve not made yet. That pathway is the real route to ourselves; to our purpose. But the clues will seem like the destination if we are not careful. With the continuous bombarding glints and hints in our everyday world that demand our attention, it’s hard to believe, it is hard to remember, that there is more.

And, there IS more! So much more!

Because of the illusion of lack of time, and because of all the pressure to hurry up and be this and do that, we often miss the point of our searching.

Because we have been taught to follow before we can know, we often do not trust ourselves.

It is very easy to fall into the illusion that it is best to follow someone else who appears to have it all together, or someone who has really found “the way” their way.

But, the truth is we cannot find our way through anyone or anything else. We can only find our way through ourselves. We are the path maker for ourselves.

To make our own path, we have to be truly in tune with ourselves. This takes time and patience. It takes getting real with ourselves and our own unique nature. And, our nature will not look like anyone else’s. Our journey will be unlike any other journey ever described. Though we may resonate with lots of people, and have similar experiences, we will be our one and only path maker; our one and only hero.

To be our own hero, we must fight. We must slay the dragons of untruth that come into us everyday.

We must spend time with ourselves unplugged from the world. And, we must feel, go, seek, discover, and rediscover our relationship with much of the world with the mainstay relationship being the ever changing one with ourselves. This way, we grow, develop, and evolve our own path in truth, in right relationship with ourselves. Then and only then will we be able to be of service to ourselves or to anyone else.

As we grow in deeper service to ourselves, more gifts appear, and more inner weapons appear. We more easily gather experiences that we feel as truth. All of nature is talking to you because you are at one with nature, with all of life. Our aspects of deep inner truth are our natural defense; our protection from the falsehoods of the world, of society, from our upbringing, and even from our well intended friends.

Ultimately, by putting down the sword of society (of the dream of the planet- Toltec Wisdom), you pick up your sword of truth. You become your own hero. But, this happens one solo nature walk at a time, one letting go of a “have to”, and one opening to more spaciousness than you’ve ever been comfortable with at a time.

We have to learn to die of the old familiar ways. If we don’t we become imprisoned by them. Life in a box, in a model that the world has made for you instead of your own true life is not really living. Eventually we all need to leave our original guides, and modes of safety. Like a baby bird chipping it’s way out of the egg, we must go with our inner guidance to that dream of flight, one that we cannot yet see. We must fight to trust ourselves.

Piece by piece you piece yourself together until you realize you didn’t need the puzzle put together anyway. It vanishes, and you start a new puzzle. We are constantly building our structure to outgrow and then build a new one to fit us as Heather Ash Amara, creator and author of Warrior Goddess Training, says. Step by step we go to the next best thing to the next for ourselves trusting our inner guidance; our inner feelings, our inner barometer, even when we cannot see where we’re going.

We are all in constant journey. The important thing is that we stay true to ourselves and grow with our true nature. This way, the discoveries you come upon are of newfound and of new information that only you could have discovered. This is when you bring your light into the world, when you open to the fullness of your own light which lights the way to make your own path.

Some of the things you face are exciting new discoveries, and some are hard to face discoveries. But, you know them as evolution. You know them as truth when you become unafraid of the truth. You feel them as one with you. You realize that you are at one with all of nature, with the entire universe. So you know that you are guiding your own light within the truth light of nature. Nature becomes your sword. You become revealed as yourself.

“The dragon appears and reappears to claim it’s victims, and the only way to fight it is with the rage of love and self-respect. Words and high intentions are not sufficient.”
~ from the book, Vision Quest

“Learning how to fight, the seeker learns how to live. Learning how to live, the seeker learns how to die.”
~ Vision Quest

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Leahanne Woods Smith

Leahanne Woods is a 44-year-old spirit of light. She is a writer, a caregiver for the elderly, a mom of two sons. She is a Warrior Goddess, a Shamanic Shakti Queen, and a yogi who lives in western North Carolina. She is The Recorder Machine for the divine archives, seeing often unseen beauty and warriorism in the human spirit and articulating it in ways that both present and preserve it with honor.

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