Have Patience When Dancing With The Shadows Of Your Being


Slipped into the shadows
of your being, you have.
When sadness and lack
have settled within.
When comparison of
oneself with others
is the theme
of the day.

When appreciation
has faded and the
heart tightly closed,
you can be sure
the shadows have appeared.

When the light has
dimmed and you feel
smothered by the shadows.
Welcome the light back,
you can.

Remember all the times
of living in the light.
All the times of
joy and freedom.
All the times of
abundance and peace.
They are there too.
Do not forget them.

Remember those times
not with longing,
for this causes the
distance greater.
Remember those times
knowing they are
still there
simply awaiting
your return.

These thoughts are
the bridge that
connect the light
and darkness.

Comfortable you
are in the suffering
of the darkness.
So the first
step onto the bridge
out of darkness
is the most
difficult step.

My gift to you
if you choose to see…Life is a dance
with the light
and the shadows.
The dance of shadows cannot
be a dance sat out
if true freedom and peace
is the destination you seek.

For when you take the time
to dance with the shadows
with curiosity and patience
you will see that all of
life is a dance of contrast.

Have patience when
dancing with the shadows
of your being.

Love both the light and shadows
for one cannot
exist without the other.

Allow yourself to be free
and dance with me.

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"We are not only our wounds. We are not only our shadows. We are not only made of what’s hidden in the dark, and, ultimately, if we choose to seek partnership with another person, we have a soul-mandated responsibility to show up in that relationship as authentically as possible. If we expect the other person to be genuine, we too must bring to the relationship all we have learned about ourselves. We have a right to expect they will not carve their wounds into our skin, and we must try not to do the same. We show them the most updated version of our ego we have, and we remember the lessons we learned on that ego’s birthday." ➵ Submit your magic to The Urban Howl! General submissions & Howl for me, Wolf-Woman submissions guidelines here: #howlforyourlife #wakeupanddream #youarethemagic #danielledulsky #shadowdancers #wakingwild #wolfwoman Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn @wolfwomanwitch


  1. Thank you for this most poignant reminder, Lovely Camilla. Yes, to know that life is a mysterious dance of magic. This is really apt for me on this dark, rainy day. BIG love to you always beautiful xxx

  2. Big love to you too Shawna! I feel it’s not a question of whether or not we’re gonna dance. Sitting out is not an option. We dance rigidly and fight it every step of the way or we can dance with grace, patience, and focus. I tend to do both! HA! Yet, I sure enjoy the graceful and patient dancing best …. xoxo

  3. Thank you for your inspirational posts. I was guided to your poems, when I needed it most. Like most women, I struggle with self love and esteem. Your poems brought me to tears. I’m on my own spiritual parth/ journey to self…..and I’m learning life, emotions, relationships, all flows like a dance, and to just let go and be comfortable in that “dance”. Thank you for confirming that point, thank you for being a beacon of love and light. 💘🌈☀️

    • Hi Heather! I am incredibly blessed that what I have shared is so meaningful to you! And grateful to you for shining the love and light back my way!! Oceans of hugs to you! xoxo

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