By Rebecca Kimball HOLY FIRE

Break Open & Explore What It Means To Be Free


I cannot tell you how it will be.
If the exquisiteness of your love will
go where you’ve willed it, innocent
in its intention
or if its sweeping grace will find you.

There is mixed talk of becoming:
How it strips us of our delicate
eloquence, throwing us, messy
sideways so much
further along the rails;
the way it moves us.

I want you to allow this breaking open,
to allow the crest of waves to expand
the breath beneath your ribcage
to where the pause in gravity within
the sanguine liquid pools
forces you to explore what it means
to be free
with your love,
with no expectations in return.

To allow this rush of aliveness
to hold steady
in your center.
To know this is the way out,
and to realize your pale moon
skin will not break
like porcelain, as you thought,
but will mold into an ascended
version of you.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously.

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"So, if you feel yourself buoying between waves, or swinging from one end to the other, know that you’re being strengthened by that unending rock and sway. And strength isn’t about becoming solid, immovable, and static. Strength is about becoming resilient. And resilience does not mean you will not break, crumble, cry, scream, denounce this life and then love it again in the very next second. Resilience means you can descend to the heart of your existence. Resilience means you can journey to the center of your Soul, and discover what it means to be." —Amanda Jade Fiorino of @wildearthmedicine #holyfire #rebirth #journeytosoul #wakeupanddream #howl Rea more: 
@kayharr73 @ladypantzz @dharmaunicorn @thugunicorn


  1. Kate Schwindt

    Such beautiful work…eloquent words…love this peace by Rebecca Kimball.

  2. Gregory

    Thank you Rebecca for your depth sounding insights. The exquisiteness of one’s love IS the only answer. And the discovery of this at the very core of my Being is the most wholesome experience I’ve known…

    May you flourish within your gifts


    • Rebecca

      I appreciate your kind words and am glad this resonated with you.

  3. Rebecca

    Thank you. 💗

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