I Call Bullshit That “Enlightenment” Only Holds Space For Peace, Love & Kumbaya



There is so much darkness in the world right now. So much duality and hatred and anger oozing into spaces. I feel on edge sometimes. Knowing that I need to walk in the world with a level of discernment and awareness of the dance of shadow and light around me.

And if that shadow crosses my path, what do I do? What can I do to bring more light? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

My Truth: I would remain in my own space of neutrality, kindness, and awareness.

But I would also hold the energy of a very clear boundary the intensity of which varies depending on the situation. Would I be comfortable holding the energy of “if anyone f*cks with me I will f*cking kill you”. Would you?

(Please note that holding the energy of this is very different than acting in that way.)

There is this misconception that “enlightenment” only holds space for peace, love, and kumbaya. I call BULLSHIT on that! You have to be able to hold the dark and the light. To embody both and know when to use what.

If a stranger is trying to hurt your child, would you just stand there and be all kumbaya on his ass?! F*ck no. You’d be like “I’m going to kill your motherf*cking ass if you don’t get the f*ck out of here”! (Apologies for the extensive use of profanity but I’m trying to convey an intensity here.)

And it’s that that will create a world in harmony. The embodiment of the light and the dark. Our capacity to be comfortable with both, to embody both, to know when to access what energy to create the most conscious outcome for all people involved in any given situation.

Let me repeat that: to be able to access whatever energy is required within ourselves to create the most conscious outcome for all people involved in any given situation.

These last few months have been intense for many of us. I believe we are coming into an embodiment of ourselves that will allow us to be the energy that is required to bring more love, peace, and kumbaya on the planet. But for that, yes, we need to be able to hold it all.

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"We are not only our wounds. We are not only our shadows. We are not only made of what’s hidden in the dark, and, ultimately, if we choose to seek partnership with another person, we have a soul-mandated responsibility to show up in that relationship as authentically as possible. If we expect the other person to be genuine, we too must bring to the relationship all we have learned about ourselves. We have a right to expect they will not carve their wounds into our skin, and we must try not to do the same. We show them the most updated version of our ego we have, and we remember the lessons we learned on that ego’s birthday." ➵ Submit your magic to The Urban Howl! General submissions & Howl for me, Wolf-Woman submissions guidelines here: #howlforyourlife #wakeupanddream #youarethemagic #danielledulsky #shadowdancers #wakingwild #wolfwoman Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn @wolfwomanwitch


  1. Soooo brilliant! I love this. So in line with what we teach at Hug your Chaos. Thank you!

  2. Lindsay, thank-you so much! And it was such a delight to see that my words have been published! I would never have known without your comment so thank-you for that too. 🙂
    I saw your website and your words, absolutely love it. xo

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