Through The Mystical Jungles Of Authenticity


Suddenly life felt abundantly refreshing…

As he drove through the countryside, his surroundings became vibrantly colorful, as if the Universe had used magical angelic enhancing filters. What was this feeling? So familiar. Yet, the minds neural pathways flashed like a lighthouse blinking intermittently.

Presence. A sense of peace. Freedom. There was a stillness in the action of movement. A freedom from the busyness of the mind had taken center stage.

Questions flashed in synchronicity with insights deepening. A pattern emerged as to what had “happened.” Why had awareness fallen? Why did the world seem less joyful for a time?

Stepping back into the Matrix wasn’t the issue. The defining moment was remaining past the due date without focused manifestation of the fifth-dimensional energy. The third dimension still held the lures of promise, comfort, and ease. However, it was now anything but.

In truth, it had always been that way. Now the veils of illusion had severely diminished and lost its power.

To those who remain asleep, the third dimension is a weird kind of cozy. Even then there is a knowing. One that hesitantly dips its toes in to feel the sense of invigoration and excitement, seemingly of another world. To only step away from the enlightening truth of all experiences being gold. In essence choosing not to search for their rainbow full of abundance.

For those who walk in heightened awareness, the Matrix is one that must be treated like a bubbling volcano. Not living in fear of, but with a healthy respect of its trappings. Where the outside rim of the crater is the final frontier. And even that is messing with fire.

For the Matrix is what can cause us the differing levels of perceived hell. Whereas beyond that, in the dimension of authenticity, and love for all of it, is where Peace is merrily chilling out in a field of sunflowers, in awe of a setting sun in all its splendor.

The third-dimensional world can become as foreign as the intake of the first breath on planet Earth. The soul knowing it could not survive here any more than a penguin could thrive in the tropics. Unless the pathway of creating a healthy internal and external balance was well worn.

Day by day, the heavy energy of mass consciousness can take its toll. Just enough not to be noticed, until the body becomes sluggish, or suffers an ailment, alerting the mind to regain awareness.

The soul observes acutely. Would the body and mind notice? Would it take “a stick in the eye,” fear of loss, fear of depression, or losing loved ones to reawaken to the truth of the true beauty of life?

The divine Wisdom of the soul knows that only a small loving prod is often all that is needed, to cause healing to occur.

A release. A reminder of the truth. A remembrance of purpose. Of the gift, we all possess to share. A gift that could so easily be lost, if not nurtured and held in holy esteem.

Nothing is worth risking that. For to lose that, may mean losing one’s true wealth.
An authentic, deeper identity. Even then, the power of love will heal that wound of light when precious time is used wisely.

Walking in love with the divine gift is key. For to walk with love, the gift will be forever protected within the heart and soul. The mind and heart linked will cause the soul to naturally thrive without conditioned limitations.