Inhale & Exhale — When I’m Tired Of Unworthiness & Self-Doubt


A Life Force Of Love

I’m going to linger in the exhale
Spend some time completely empty
Tired of unworthiness
No longer willing to let self-doubt and uncertainty back into my body or mind
Days overloaded with unnecessary commotion in the daily grind
Nights bursting with dreams and desire that cease to ever be

I’m going to take some time to feel my weight on this world
To connect with the burning love at the core
To be supported by the solid ground below
To be held like a mountain by the Earth, majestic and expanding
To be held like roots in the soil, nourishing and growing
I’m going to take some time to feel instead of fill
I’m going to linger in the exhale
In this emptiness, I’m going to feel my weight on this world, to feel supported, to ground myself in worthiness and love.

I’m going to be mindful of my inhale
To fill with tenderness and be full
Each breath in will make me rise
Filling my lungs up and expanding like the sky
I will only draw in the deepest love and starlight
I will beware of the darkness and how it can take over the sky
I will anchor myself with the moon

The light will shine into my heart and guide
I will fill with worthiness
Saturating in every sip of gratitude and grace in this life
Allowing myself to feel full of vitality and insight
I’m going to be mindful of my inhale
In this fullness, I’m going to expand into light, love and settle in the purest energy of life.

Each breath will be my conviction to create a force of love existing in every moment
To invite love in and to let love go
To sink deeper into pauses of existence
Always knowing my purpose and moving from wholeness
Never grasping out of desperation
To let the light in my heart move my feet on the ground
To connect with everything above and everything below

Every moment will be an opportunity to offer myself to this life
My essence in the air will be lifted by the breeze and will find a home in hearts and in trees
Lingering in that connection and allowing love to radiate in
Each complete breath will be my gift to life and life’s gift to me.

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