Let Go Of Superficial Living & Catch Your Dreams


You have to have dreams, you hear me?

You have to have dreams, even cracked dreams would do, just have ‘em. For they are your path you need to walk through.

There is no such thing as cracked dreams in the first place. But if your heart is cracked and your mind damaged and your cells in your body feel unbalanced, you will see through the veil of illusion and label your dreams as cracked dreams, or dreams that you may think cannot be accomplished or rather lived.

But you got to hold those dreams of yours close to your eyes, you hear me? Yes, close to your eyes, so anytime you see your image in the mirror you are reminded of those dreams.

Let ‘em be wrinkled by time or polluted by the dust of your pain, but trust them for they do exist. It’s just that your perception is covered by the dust of distorted thinking.

They are there to take you home…that kind of home you have always dreamed of.
That home belongs to your soul, that’s more than a “home-sweet-home” kind of thing. That’s your signature and your legacy.

You have lived so many lives for other people’s sake, now for heaven’s sake, live your own life. Give life to your dreams.

I know some days you wake up feeling a kind of heaviness that breaks your body into a million pieces and you are unable to move. Just feel your fingertips, try to look out of the window, behind the curtains, see the sky if you must, hear the cars, and the kids laughing, and then put your tired feet on the ground. And feel it beneath the surface of your toes.

I know some days you will want to sleep more and maybe not leave the bed for days. That is okay. Spend as much time as needed to give your body the energy it needs to follow up with your daily life but then, get up, take a hot or a cold shower or both at the same time, feel the water running through your veins as your blood does and get out of that f*cking door. Just get out. You don’t need to have a plan or a map.

We spend our lives having plans that rarely happen. What if we go without any plan? It feels terrifying right? What if we refuse even for just one day or one time to bring a map along to show us where to go next?

Because you know what? Let me tell you something: dreams have no maps. They are the map itself.

They are like stars; they shine in the dark and disappear in the light. They appear and disappear as you grow into the person you are meant to be. Their intensity changes as you change. They get transformed, refined, and renewed according to your heart’s seasons.

Catch those dreams of yours for heaven’s sake. Don’t let them drown in the cold ocean of despair.

Feel your pain. Yes. Feel it. There are dreams waiting for you on the other side of that pain. And those belong to you. Those are your pillars upon which you can build your solid foundation. Those are the candles that will light your way when it is dark.

Perhaps you cannot see them yet? Perhaps you say you don’t even know what your dreams are made of?

I feel you. I feel this way too sometimes. But you know what? Is there even a tiny sparkle in your heart to begin with? Can you feel a small, tiny sparkle that is calling you from within? It can be anything. That’s where your dreams come from.

Beneath your pain, your suffering, your disturbed past, your wounds, and shadows…lie your dreams.

Would you catch them? Because if you don’t, life will shake you more, causing earthquakes in your life and it will break you open until you catch them.

That’s life’s way of telling you, “Hey, these here, are your dreams, they are hanging up here under the sun’s light for you to notice and I won’t stop until you notice and catch them in your hands and do something with them, anything.

Sometimes what we call pain or suffering or depression or despair is nothing but a desperate call from our own hearts to stop whatever we are doing in our lives, take a note as to how we are living and then take a whole new turn, because dreams are found on the other side of our superficial way of living.

Dreams create the troubles in you. They create all the pain. They want you to hear them and follow them. Only that way shall each of us find their way home.

Whatever storm you are passing through right now in your life (I am in the middle of one myself), know that it is a blessing. Yes, you heard me right, a blessing. The turmoil is calling you to take a different course where dreams and stars hide. And there will be no map, so get ready.

Your desires and dreams will be the map. You have to only follow them through. And don’t worry, they will make themselves more clear and visible as you walk down the dark path of the unknown.

If you think I am giving you hope, I am not. Hope is a beggar. I don’t want it. If you think I am giving you comfort, stop and think again. There is no comfort in my words. Because the way to dreams is the opposite of our comfort zones.

The less traveled path is always scary because we don’t know what is coming after the first or the second step we take on it. We don’t know. It will make itself visible when the time is up, but it is beyond our control.

We can only walk the path and follow the heart’s longings. We are so conditioned to not believe in ourselves, in our mistakenly labeled “crazy dreams” or what appears to be impossible. But ask yourself who defines what is possible or what is not?

After we begin to question the world and its mind, we have to turn within and begin to question our own minds as well. That’s where the true alchemy can happen. We think to rebel against the world is the key to our dreams. In a way this is true. But in my perception, it is only partially true.

Because the real deal happens within the frames of our limited minds. What we believe or not believe. What drives our behavior and if it is serving us at all.

Can we dare to question our own minds?

It will be a rollercoaster. It will be a f*cking messy scary sailing. I can tell you from experience.

But if we don’t challenge our own limited minds, where the real obstacles are, how in the world are we to follow our dreams?

We think the world is the obstacle. The obstacle is found within the confines of our mind. That’s the place where all our constructs are found that hinder our evolution and growth as a human being or men/women.

Usually it happens like this: First, we see out there in the world and we start refusing to accept the way the world functions. But then we are faced with a bigger world, inside our minds…and to question our inner worlds will cause lots of turmoil and sometimes sickness. But it is bound to be so. And we need to walk through.

Each mind is a whole new world in itself. The thing is, shall we find our tiny sparkles beneath this troubled, easily distracted mind and focus on them?

Have you ever noticed when you create or feel inspired the source of that comes from a different place other than your thinking mind? So the thinking mind we are so addicted to is just a small part of our source of existence, but we are so focused on it as if it was all and everything.

Try to not think anything for a second. Did you die? No. It means the source of our existence is not dependent on your thinking. There’s way more to life than our thinking (our preferences, our likes and dislikes, our judgments, and analysis).

And dreams don’t come from the portal of the thinking mind. They come from a different, oftentimes unknown source. They come from the depths of our core.

This is how we discover who we are and who we are not, through identifying what gives us joy and/or calmness, what gives us inspiration and what raises us up and up and up to new seas and dimensions.

If we are living a small life, chances are we will suffer in one way or another. Why? Because our spirits are designed for a bigger, wider, more open and free kind of living, and we have chosen to shrink into shells that don’t belong to who we are. Pain is only a sign of our spirit trying to break through. Because the Spirit is made of dreams and dreams need the whole Universe wide open to bloom.

Will you catch your dreams or will you let them die and slowly die with them? What is a dream you may ask? I cannot define dreams, but I would only say: Do you feel any sparkle, however tiny, within you, that wants to be rekindled and live? The answer is yours only.

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"We're afraid that if we go all in that we might miss out on what this life has to offer. It's not true." . . . get both feet into your dreams . . . whole heart . . . whole self . . . whole life . . . jump ALL IN to the life you really want to be living . . . #youarethemagic #jump #bothfeet #wakeupanddream




Ilda is a free spirit. She was born with an urge to taste life in all possible ways. She is learning to squeeze the juice out of every single moment even in the most challanging times. She is an artist, writer, poet, a beginner painter and a dancer. She is an advocate for all things and people with essence that want to make a difference and bring change in the world. Ilda is the author of one self-published book on Amazon titled It is You searching for You, a collection of poems and reflections for a life gone and the seach to build a new one. Ilda is working on her second book-project called "All the wrong men she loved" - a book for both women and men about the tides and ebbs of love relationships. You can find her on Instagram or Facebook.

  1. Dottie LO

    Ilda, I am so blown away by your every word and thoughts. It is as if you have connected to my mind and heart and heard my pain, struggle, wishes, dreams, and how I see within myself, and feel within myself. I feel the beauty of who you are in your soul and I am so pleased and feel so very blessed to have you as a new friend. Your poetry and what you write is beyond words that I cannot find to express how amazing, powerful, and simply Divinely Beautiful a soul you are. Thank you for putting it all out there, and for caring more about what lies beneath the surface and what hides in the shadows that needs to become the light. You are a very special, magical, sparkling light Ilda. You are. ✨ ❤️ ✨ ❤️ ✨

    Dottie LO two 💕

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