Loneliness Is An Inside Job — Connect With Yourself & Watch The Magical Shift


Darling, I know. It’s a cliché you’re sick to death of hearing. But it’s the truth. Your loneliness is simply a symptom of your disconnection from yourself.

You can’t know true connection with others when you’ve lost that alignment with self. You can’t truly love another right down to the depths if you don’t first love yourself.

I know you’re lonely and I know you’re lost, but this is an inside job. You look around and you feel like your relationships are lacking. “Look at me, of course I’m lonely, I am alone,” you say. But without first cultivating a true connection to your inner being you can’t fully get on with the thrill of connecting and co-creating with others.

When you’re ebbing hard and you’ve strayed too far from yourself, you just cannot attract the very relationships that you long for. The company of others does nothing for your joy anyway because it’s not them you need.

Don’t you see? It’s you.

It’s always you. You’re incapable of connecting heart to heart with others when your connection to self is severed.

Then I put my arms around myself… and whispered sweet things and careful things and all the things you need to know about doing the best you can. – Amy Turnsharp

Let yourself crack open and break all the way apart. Just don’t stay there. Rebuild. Heal the hurts. Love yourself back to motherfucking life.

Remember how different it feels when you’re feeling good, when you’re in flow? When you’re completely at home in your own company, reveling in your solitude?

Life feels good and fun and shiny with anticipation. And slowly, the outside reflects just that. Social invitations start to flow in, old friends reconnect, strangers smile at you.

It’s time, sweet soul. Forgive yourself, trust yourself, love yourself through and through, and watch your outside connections start to shift like magic. But it starts with you, truly it does.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

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