She Makes A Wish & Bows To The Vivid Color Of Awake She Feels


She presses her bare knees into the cool morning earth
moist with last night’s rain
and bows to the vivid color of awake she feels
Soft rolling shades of gratitude
filling the sky
and the roots
and soul of her
with a heartbeat so umbilical
it pulses indigo
into her marrow

She drops deeper into the soil

So giving, it reaches up to meet her lowering brow
as it touches the ground
A holy sound of a bird’s wing
flapping against the white billowy cloud
She has a leaf in her hand
echoing the shape of her fingers
stretched out like a starfish

She makes a wish

A wish that is a wish to blow a candle with
A wish that holds the heart of spring
and rebirthing
and surrendering to the gift
that being and breathing oneself
into full fruition brings

She sits up against the trunk of an apple tree
plump crimson juice pours down from its branch
and lands inside her thirst
She rises to its invitation to keep her fertile
and flowing in her blood-red
glowing white inside a sliver of moon
reflecting in her dark eyes
sheened like onyx

Deep breath, another bow
moves her to press her body against
the soft black earth
wet with ancient
wet with morning’s rise
wet with the wisdom
that falls down from the sky
and absorbs into
the veins of her

She is a walking bountiful cauldron
of gratitude today
and the soles of her bare feet
press up against the sun
and dew
and green so golden
it shines like a star

Photo by Havilah Galaxy on Unsplash

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