The Cloak Of Leaving


Crows are screeching,
raucous warning
to the raccoon eating birdseed.
Hungry mother stares
as hands grope
for meager nourishment.
Eating, licking, patting the ground,
millet and thistle grisly fare,
desperate measure for the unborn.

Like me I guess,
settling for not enough
as a steady diet.
Last night at the banquet,
I turned away
to the solitary and simple.
No one offered,
nor could I take
the space and recognition
of one who had arrived.

Instead, I found
the cloak of leaving,
turning my back on
desperate need seeded
in a hollow center.

Parking lot empty,
richness of stars draw closer
to comfort and assure me
my place.

Venus on the horizon
calls to pluck her brilliance,
settle her gently into
this hungry space.

Light shines on the pain
we carry deep inside,
melting the hard shell,
not yet the oyster
it longs to be.

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