It Would Be True Love, If I Could Open My Heart


Your eyebrows are thick, i like that
your eyelashes always look like you’ve slept on your face
and i think that’s cute

the wrinkles around your eyes
show me you’ve had a lot to laugh about
I want that
your lips are dry like you never shut your mouth
but i love the sound of your voice

when your big hands caress my thigh,
my heart speeds up
i crave that
your hearts so huge, i think it’ll explode
and i admire that

your mind’s so deep
i could dive into it for miles
you tell me you love me,
i soak in every syllable

i want to tell you my thoughts are always about you
i just can’t catch my breath
it’d be true love, if i could open my heart

i wish i could love the way you love me
but this is my secret expression to you

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