How Does One Become Brave Enough To Bare It All?


How does one become brave enough to bare it all?
Beginning with the body
Taking off layers to reveal the skin you are in
Surrendering the style you created that wraps around your soul
Feeling every pleasure and every pain sinking in through the skin
Experiencing in every sense
Flavors that feed you dripping from your mouth
Sounds of waves crashing, winds blowing, someone saying “I love you,” laughter and morning bird songs.
Seeing the sun melt away and the night take the sky, the change in the trees from spring to winter and beginning again, those everyday moments that make your soul glow.
Scents of familiar skin, breakfast on a Sunday, flowers in a garden, what smells like home to you.
Feeling a summer rain on an extremely hot day, the touch of a loved one’s hands, the strength at the top of a mountain, the softness of pillows and blankets on a bed.

How does one become brave enough to bare it all?
Moving in to the mind
Knowing that thoughts are words in movement.
They are flexible, coming and going.
They are not real, solid, tangible things.
To be able to sit in this space in silence;
Allowing whatever needs to move through to find its way in and out.
Holding on to inspiration;
Carrying it over to create.
Sending negativity and doubt straight out.
Digging down to the most painful thoughts, not attaching, moving them from their space, giving them time, stirring them all around, taking the power away from them.
Letting your mind live in every direction, a playground for your thoughts, a space to always stay true to you.

How does one become brave enough to bare it all?
Healing the heart
Feeling to the very core of the fire inside.
Allowing feelings to flow like water.
Staying in this ocean and changing shape with all the waves.
Experiencing an entire spectrum from love to fear and everything in between and back again.
Holding your heart gently like the one of a kind treasure that it is.
Spending time in the sadness and washing it away.
Feeling fear and doing it anyway.
Following your intuition, the gentle pulls and large waves.
Digging, moving through the depths and in every direction.
Unlocking doors to find even more and more.
Feeling so completely that your whole life will light up with meaning.

How does one become brave enough to bare it all?
To live and feel in every sense
To allow every atom to experience this life so an entire being will feel freedom.

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