Brave The Storm — It’s Not Impossible To Change


the sunrise has so many colors
how does it manage to fade from orange to blue so effortlessly?
many people say the night is pitch black
the night couldn’t be further from pitch black
the streetlamps and the powerful glow of the moon light up the world below

a sense of peace settles over those awake at such a late hour
a sense that everything will be okay
a sense that the most important person at that moment is you
there’s something calming about being awake in the middle of the night
you aren’t fumbling around, trying to find your way
you’re trying to find yourself

every piece of you is important
and sometimes the little pieces of you get lost in
the whirlwind of chaos called life
the night is a time to find all the pieces of yourself,
and fit them back together again
the night is a time to take care of yourself,
and repair any damage you’ve endured
the day, although stressful, wraps you in a warm blanket of peace
a different sense of peace

a sense that there are many people who care about you
a sense that life is too short to spend it all worrying
the day is a reminder that you should always take care of yourself
because you can always see the moon

the sunrise has so many colors
how does it manage to fade from orange to blue so effortlessly?
to show you that it’s not impossible to face change
the colors of the sunrise prove you can brave the storm–
the whirlwind of chaos called life.

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Kendall Williams

Kendall Williams is a driven and competitive spirit. As a perfectionist, she will rarely settle for sub-par performance. She has loved the fluidity of words for as long as she can remember. She can often be found on the dance floor, for dance is the nexus between her and her soul. She dreams of a life where every moment is an adventure simply waiting to be discovered.

  1. Keri Nielsen

    You are so talented….write on brave one!

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