This Voice Is Your Guide & Though It Is Soft, It Is Powerful


When You Are Caught In The Storm

There are times you will feel lost. The ground falls away, swept away by a storm beyond measure. This storm was not forecasted. It grew suddenly, dependent on your inner conflict. The ripples you once knew how to handle become tidal waves, thrashing you from one rock to another. Drowning.

There is no escape. You’ve thought about this from every angle. Sent your mind into hyperdrive hoping you can find some clarification, but there’s only anguish.

Before long, the storm reaches its climax. Like a helpless child, you blindly reach out, desperate for something to hold onto. Your world spins. Your thoughts fly wild, carried by the gale force winds. Each thought is a banner of varying shapes, sizes, and colours. They are the only things you see and hear and yet none of them serve you. They serve your doubts, your fears, your insecurities. They serve every scar you have. They serve the shadows that, so often, threaten to envelop you in dense darkness. The shadows you could once keep at bay.

Anxiety takes hold now. You become entangled in the banners and they tie you down. Limiting your movements. You are helpless.

You catch a glimpse of it in the distance. A streamer. It’s colour immediately gives you a sense of ease. Somehow you know that this is more than just a thought, more than just an idea. It is your salvation. It holds the direction you searched for to guide you through this mess. Yet, it is out of reach.

Listen closely now, dear one. It is not out of reach and you are not helpless. You hold the power to still the other banners. You hold the light which beckoned that little streamer closer. You are the one who can control this storm. It may arise in you from forces beyond your control but in the end, you are the only one who can calm its waves.

But a storm of this intensity never calms easily.

Now is the time to decide. Will you let it drag you down or will it be the driving force behind you?

You can reach for that streamer and you must! It will be hard, but focus as though your life depends on it…because it does. Take a second and forget everything else you think exists. Just for a second, find your center.

Now thrust yourself forward. Leap knowing that you will not fall. You cannot. That little streamer is your inner voice. It is the voice of reason and wisdom that you will hear when your outer voice, your louder voice preaches of despair. It is the voice that will catch you. It is only a whisper so make sure that you give it all the attention you can muster. Make sure that you are open to all that it has to say, without judgment.

This voice is your guide. It serves the truest form of yourself. Though it is soft, it is powerful. Believe me. If you hold on to it, it will silence the thoughts that serve your shadows. It will build you up and nourish your very soul. It was the piece you were missing.

You only need to lend it your ear once for it to stay with you. It was already embedded in your heart before this storm started.

Trust it. It will lead you to the world you never knew existed but always wished that it did.

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Avanya Manickum

Avanya Manickum is a wanderer and a playful soul who is still trying to get her footing about where she stands in this awe-inspiring world. She is greatly interested in forming deeper connections with all she encounters. She believes that, through connection with yourself and the world around you, you are able to see things more clearly. She is determined to live her life in a way that brings her happiness and freedom despite how unconventional it may seem. When she is not talking to trees or lost in her thoughts, Avanya can be found reading, on a nature walk, or simply being present in the moment.

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