This Dreamer Heart So Wishes To Run — Not Away, But Into You


A Timeless Invitation

Something about
the way you’re made.
The way your atoms stick together
to form your being,
or even more than that—your soul.
It seems cliché, I know. But…
Stir me up, flip me right-side up again,
As if somehow reminding me
Not only of who I am, but who you are too.
Who you’ve been, I suppose,
as I sink into the sense that
I must have known you before—
like a warm bath, it’s rather comforting.
You gently tug at my sleeves,
wait—is that my heart sewn on there?
It’s always been that way.
Still, you gently encourage me to step beyond the neatly established chalk lines— of safety; of known.
For some reason,
You make me wanna do things
I’ve never done—but always wished to.
This dreamer heart so wishes to run.
Not away, but into you. Crash.
To live in a fairy tale,
if only for a short time.
For I know the reality of this timeline.
I know I’m here to learn, to grow,
and perhaps grow up—
and leave those desires behind.
But first—gaze at the ceiling with me.
Let words give way to nothingness in
Un(comfortable) silence.
Cut a square shaped hole in the roof, so we can look at the stars.
Give me a reason to be spontaneous—releasing the once-known flower-child again, who just so longs to hear your sticky sweet voice, and fingers sliding down the strings of a guitar.
Because sometimes I think
It must remind her of home.
A home once known,
that can’t be remembered—
the recollection is fuzzy,
but the knowing is deep.
Pull me out into the grass
from the truck bed, sleepy
and drunk on no substance
beyond connection alone.
Talk to me about the hard stuff,
and then tell me
the very first joke you ever heard.
Breathe in synchronicity,
Breathe out fear.
For this is
a timeless

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

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"I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love." - L e o T o l s t o y #dreamyourworldawake


Jen Schwartz

Jen is a joy seeker/sharer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She believes that adventure and magic are sisters, and can be found anywhere. Particularly passionate about people, connection, words, and song, you'll often find Jen correcting grammar in things publicly displayed, rejoicing when people express creatively, soaking up the joy of community singing, or pointing out lyric references in everyday conversation. Connect with her on Facebook .

  1. Another beautiful post!!! Eeppp, I feel like we share a mind!

  2. Wow. Just wow, Jen. Your beautiful soul fills my heart. ❤

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