By Mal Sealy MIND RISE

Kind Regards, Mr. Lewis Powell


Dear Mr. Paulo Freire,

Corporate dropped rupees
Fat Alberts, hey, hey, heyy!
Glazed sugar daddies
Casting couch inoculation
Weinstein calculation
Assassinated innocence…
Child Soldiers cloned.
Storm Troopers in the designed Now.
Gnarly pointed fingers
Signing off
‘Was here 84’

Kind Regards,

Mr. Lewis Powell

Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

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"As witches, we’re all women who, when we were children were told, “That’s just a dog, stop treating it like a human, you like animals better than humans.” Or, “Stop talking to that tree.” Or whatever. But it wasn’t that we liked animals better than humans, or that we’re crazy for talking to trees. We knew that animals and the Earth were sacred and to be loved and protected. But we were told on the mass scale to stop talking about it and to stop devoting ourselves to innocent creatures and innocent plants. But now, as we wake up and reclaim our voices, we were right as innocent children about the Earth and about animals. It’s not silly, and it’s not stupid. .Every single day a new animal goes up on the extinction list or the endangered species list, and every single day we lose more and more of the oceans, and more and more of the forests, more of the Earth itself. This should be the number one topic of politicians and journalists and everyone, everywhere. The Earth should be way bigger—way more popular and focused on—than the Kardashians. The Earth should be front page news. But it’s not, and that’s a huge problem." —Sarah Durham Wilson of @sarahdurhamwilson #wakingwild #innerwitch #outofthebroomcloset #howlforyourlife Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @dharmaunicorn @thugunicorn



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