By Thayne Ulschmid MIND RISE

Relinquish Your Demons, Burn Bridges & Set Yourself Free


We may conceive an immaculate plan, but rarely does it unravel perfectly.

So often, it’s quickly realized that whatever perception we had, is nothing like the reality that unfolds.

However, when obstacles are met, it’s vital to face them head-on. There is no way through, other than to accept the hurdles, or challenges presented to us, with dignity and humility.

These past few months have been so chaotic in my mind and emotionally depleting. And this has been the case, on more occasions that I’d like to reflect upon, other than for that necessary introspection we ought to reckon with from time to time.

Returning to ground zero, where it all began.

To face the past — a life we’d only wish to forget, forever. That chance to reconcile what will only haunt us otherwise. See matters differently — in a new light, that favors growth and commitment to our new trajectory.

Seeded, so long ago. Germinating for decades, in some cases. Realized, now, as our dreams burst forth into the light of day. Finally revealing the true nature of our purpose here. Eventually, we stop bargaining with others, and every circumstance that has only proven to hinder that innate happiness we all deserve, so deeply. A visceral feeling of home, from within.

I am personally a proponent of leaving behind whatever it is that causes us torment, or especially, grief. How is one, who’s consciously chosen to heal, to do so, if they remain in the company of, or place where the cause originally occurred?

The protagonist motivates one beyond their preconceived potential — to explore further, inward. And farther, outward, in this material realm. We lend ourselves to Spirit, or Creator (whatever higher power we wish to serve), asking that, thy will be done.

Grieving over the loss of who we once were. When the sanctity of our innocence was destroyed.

Now we’ve become adults and we live in a brutal world, full of hostile combatants. Even those, we’d never suspect — so often the ones who’ve resided so close to us.

These past few months have revealed many demons to me — in myself and hidden so neatly, behind the smiles of others. Vindictive. Manipulative. Helpless types who yield to their victimhood and will never rise above their predicaments.

Leave. Travel as far away from anyone or anything that you feel is placating your good nature. I’m still dismayed, to this day, that so many will harvest energy from others, like a parasite. Never satiating themselves, but rather, choosing to destroy the harmony of those who are here to anchor the light.

My story is tragic, in my own mind. But today, I am rewriting history. A work in progress, that for some time now — many moons and seasons having passed me by — have only shed light upon the darkness, in areas of my life, where I was so eagerly blind to.

There’s always hope. For those willing to vindicate themselves and do the work. It will bring us to our knees. We will falter and wish to give up. I often think about where I’ve come from and am quickly motivated to keep going — telling myself, “There is no turning back.” Despite the unknown future that we’re never guaranteed.

I beg of you, to ponder a different life, if a lingering dis-ease resides within you. One that no longer reflects the nightmare that so many of us have awakened from. Know that this reality is ever shape-shifting and that our minds are all-powerful.

Can we see the plant or flower grow? But we know it does, nonetheless. And, it too, will wither and die someday. Only to be reborn as new life. Yet the same. There are so many opportunities to reinvent ourselves. Why would we ever subject our life, to one that is anything less than great?

We must cultivate that life. Sow seeds that will someday bear the fruit that is healthy and vital for us to thrive. When I am down, I allow myself to shed tears. Remember, there is only one inner voice that will ever support you, unfailingly. Learn to decipher which one that is.

Program new beliefs that are deeply seated ideals. Let go of superfluous ideas that only generate further discontent. Ego is a tool. Use it sparingly, without ever associating it with who you are. Remember that child you once were. Protect that space, as the adult you are today. Grow together, in a harmonious new light.

Be brave. Set yourself free, from illusion and fear (face your darkest passageways). Travel lighter, knowing that life is merely an invention of thought — acted out, by our free will choice. Invent that new life, and ignore whatever would negate your prosperity. A rich life has nothing to do with status or money. Choose to live, freely. All else will come to you, secondarily. What’s needed. Discern which is which. Ego lust and desire, versus spiritual sustenance.

This life is about being human.

We are here, to birth a new era, or paradigm of peace.

Photo by Gleb on Unsplash

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Thayne Ulschmid is an awakening wanderer, traversing this earth plane with the singular motive to explore every potentiating avenue of life that excites his unfathomable consciousness and propels him through this modern landscape. Writing is an affluent measure of inborn expression that largely reveals itself in each moment. He loves photography, nature and all of the unsung grandeur and beauty that is right before us each day, no matter where we reside. Connect with him on Instagram or Facebook to view more of his work. Thayne is an avid practitioner of healing work and plant medicine.

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