I wish
I was one
of the strands
of your hair
wrapped softly
on your delicate finger
DNA-like and inextricable
so tightly wound
with you
that when
they came at you
they would have to
come at me too
and later on
in the late cool night
when I died heroically
on your fiery red hairbrush
I could smile
and say that
I perished happily

Photo by Fredo Figaredo on Unsplash

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"Balance, she is a tricky bitch. The tightrope is stretched taut, high above an anxious audience. The space fills with an expectant hush so loud it transforms your being into an echo. Half of the souls below are hoping you’ll make it, the other half wait for you to fall. You will freeze in the middle, guaranteed. You’ll be convinced you have to stay, await a clear answer that delivers you the certainty of the exact right choice. The one that will make everyone happy. The one that delivers truth without regret. The one that will take you to the other side without collateral damage. And I wish I could say that that answer will come. That you will do what you need to do and cross to the other side and everything will be the same. And maybe it will. But darling, transition is no time for the hopeless task of satisfying everyone. You’ll drive yourself mad trying. We all do. But now it is time for doing exactly what scares you the most." —Jeanette LeBlanc #HOLYFIRE #WAKINGWILD #WILDWOMAN #HOWLFORYOURLIFE Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn @jeanetteleblanc @jeanetteleblanc.writer @wildheartwriters



John Michael Antonio is a freelance writer and photographer, a poet and a columnist at both and He considers it one of his central missions in life to try to be a positive force and influence to everyone who comes in contact with him. While he sees and feels inspiration everywhere, he is most at home in the city at night. In his work, he loves to write about the vibrancy and struggles of individuals as they love, work and play in their daily lives and strongly feels that we, as common inhabitants of this earth, are all more alike than we ever realize or admit. He loves connecting with other creatives and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and his blog.

  1. Marilyn Regan

    Simple, beautiful imagery. Thank you for sharing.

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