After You Float Away


My thoughts of you are orange balloons.
Orange is warm.
Orange stands out like you do from across the room.
Orange makes me happy.
My thoughts of you float away into the cloudless blue sky.
My love for you is a white balloon.
Not red, my love is quiet and unassuming.
I did not ask for this love, but it’s mine nonetheless.
My love for you floats away.
A white balloon drifting toward an orange dot.
I wistfully watch, knowing this is how it is to be.
Knowing that eventually, you will disappear completely.
I hold in my hand two spent balloons, their strands intertwined.
I hide them in my pocket, nervously playing with what I have left of you.
I smile a wistful smile.
Because I have memories right here in my pocket.
Even after you float away.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

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Josie Myers

Josie Myers is a children’s literacy advocate at her local library where she rents small increments of her time for money. She reads books, constantly, hardcovers carried around in her messenger bag, or on her tablet, or on her phone in a long checkout line at Aldi. She does various types of tech support, listening sessions that resemble avocational therapy, and she makes a decent vegan vodka sauce that involves cashews. She has no idea what’s going on with anything on TV, so she is happy to listen to you vent about That Stupid Plot Twist from your latest binge watching. She probably read the book though. You can connect with her on Instagram here and here.

  1. Hit me right in the heart, thank you

  2. My dear, sweet Josie. I love your words so much. Especially the strands intertwined and the nervous playing. You’re a real talent in a number of ways, and I’m grateful to call you friend. <3

  3. Absolutely beautiful ♥️

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