Rest Your Head Upon My Heart & Feel The Rhythm Of Life


With your ear pressed against my chest, crown resting on collarbone, cheek against breast — you would hear life. You will hear your very first sound, the steady rhythm of blood pumping through maternal bodies. Your very first introduction to music, to vibration, noise, our hearts’ beat — perhaps in unison. Perhaps in syncopation.

You listen to my ancestors — voices wrapped in and around strands of DNA. You hear a little girl on a tire swing feet stretched toward the sky. Perseid meteor shower on top of a mountain, in August, echoing from 15 years ago.

You hear the sound of glass shattering — erratic beats that represent fear, or survival or anticipation of escape.

You will hear ferns releasing spores and the dust that settles on my bookshelf, my son’s laughter, my sleepless nights and endless days…

You hear pinecones falling and pockets full of acorn caps, a deer that quietly appeared right when I needed to be awestruck. You will hear triumph and forgiveness, a subtle fierceness and loyalty.

You listen to wind howling out of the mouths of wolves, the wingtips of an owl at night. You press your head upon wonder and skin decorated with color. You hear a universe slowly expanding.

You listen to this temple, this visceral sound that knows no religion or shade of skin or gender. The same organ pumping the same oxygen-rich blood through the same constructed veins. You hear the sound we all hear.

The universal pulse.

You press your ear against the world with your eyes closed and you hear the rhythm of life.

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Courtney Quinlan

Courtney Quinlan is a lover of words and how you can craft them together, piece by piece and build a story, or a moment in time that speaks to someone. She lives in Vermont, as a single parent, with her son who is on the autism spectrum and advocates fiercely for him and others with disabilities. She volunteers as a parent advocate and editor for The Urban Howl and Wild Heart Writers and is a contributing author of poetry and prose. She can generally be found lost in a whirlwind of creative thought, she is unfiltered and fairly transparent. She is passionate about empowering women and social justice issues. She likes to get crafty, making beaded jewelry and crafts and photography inspired by the natural world around her. She is a sarcastic lover of humor and is blessed to be able to laugh at herself and find the irony in stressful situations. Rarely embarrassed and often clumsy she is practicing the art of vulnerability and can be found just throwing her whole self out there!

  1. Marilyn Regan

    Sarcastic, clumsy, and vulnerable…this is one of the best bios I’ve read. Love your writing as well. The universe and experiences of all our lives do reside in us. This is expressed beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I just began taking care of a friend with autism. I would love to hear more about how you work with your son

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