September Medicine: What’s Ready To Be Claimed & Integrated Into Your Life


Monthly Medicine Forecast For September 2018

September spreadDrawing from 78 cards from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, and the world of plant-spirit medicine, monthly readings are specially oriented toward navigating the spiritual awakening process. This month’s spread, Destiny Retrieval, is designed to reveal what aspect of our destiny is ready to be claimed and integrated into our lives.

Theme of the month: Taboo, superstition, Original Virtue, wisdom

The Quote: “We may feel like we are breaking a taboo by moving beyond the orbit of our ancestors. Invariably, this involves convictions around power, sex, and money. The generational transmissions we received have the force of superstition: they are irrational but very binding.”

Summary: We are laying down a new imprint in the matrix of our ancestry, clearing the shames and superstitions that bound generation after generation. This takes us to the foundational cultural myth of the West: Original Sin. By releasing old personal and cultural mythologies, we may begin to embody our true nature: Original Virtue.

The Spread: Destiny Retrieval


This card evokes those aspects of our family inheritance that are being brought to our awareness: the beliefs, inhibitions, customs, values, habits, and dogmas that we absorb as children through our parents, just as they absorbed them from theirs. Importantly, we recognise that there is no blame assigned to recognising these old programs. We are in the privileged position of being able to break the inter-generational cycle that secretly enslaved, and limited, our ancestors.

Breaking the chains, however, can raise what may feel like inexplicable, primordial fears. That is, fears that seem to come out of nowhere and can’t be tied to current events.

Many of these old programs are transmitted at the pre-verbal stage of consciousness — meaning they are not available to our normal (explicit) memory. Instead, they are stored in the body itself and in the deep subconscious as a form of symbolic (implicit) memory. What does this mean?

We may feel like we are breaking a taboo by moving beyond the orbit of our ancestors and our own past lives. Invariably, this involves convictions around power, sex, and money. The generational transmissions we received have the force of superstition: they are irrational but very binding.

We don’t even have to refer to past lives abstractly. They are present through our living ancestors. We can, however, call upon those healed Ancestors — the ones who have already done this work, whether in the ‘past’ or ‘future’ — to assist us in moving through this phase. In the multi-dimensional field, those healed ancestors may even be some version of us.

Crossing (dominant influence):
Santa Maria

Santa Maria is the name given to the spirit of the cannabis plant. The plant itself has many medicinal applications but is most popularly known as a substance of abuse. In this position, we are drawn to a dichotomy between a plant that has been demonised and the virtuous spirit name given to it that evokes the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In other words, the card here represents a foundational polarity between what has been cast out as tainted, and what has been made holy: the split between matter and spirit. We are being urged to reconcile within ourselves the truth of our human incarnation. This means fully engaging in the world as spirit manifesting in human form without shaming our physical and egoic experience.

The Virgin Mary also alludes to the mistaken belief in original sin and the corruption of sexuality deeply embedded in Western culture. This is an opportunity to reclaim our bodies, minds, and spirits from foundational shame — shame not related to what we have done or haven’t done, but our very humanness.

The name Santa Maria ennobles the plant. Similarly, the age-old superstitions referred to by the Ancestors card are redeemed by appropriate naming: Original Virtue not original sin. This implies, too, that the nature of this destiny retrieval is both personal and collective: what we do for one, we do for all, including our ancestors.


Kawak is part of the Seer’s rite of the Andes. The card can refer to the third eye and the ability to cut through illusion. Its appearance here creates the immediate impression of seeing what has been — until now — unseen and plays into the hidden realms of memory mentioned in the first card.

What is unseen can never be changed and here we are seeing with new eyes. This means interpreting the symbolic material of the unconscious with intuitive understanding.

This may refer to the stories we have come to accept as true; both personal, biographical stories and the ancestral stories laid down in coded form. Instead of needing to know what happened, the causes and effects of our psychology, here we come face to face with the energetic truth of our histories. Why is this important?

The repetition of old stories with their villains and victims keeps us locked in a closed system; we cannot experience the range of possibilities in our life unless we cast off the blinkers. However, by seeing those old stories not as truth but as an internalised dynamic, we are no longer reactive or so easily triggered when they are echoed in the outside world. We no longer need to use those stories to justify who we are and what we believe.

This adds another layer to the mysterious fears arising mentioned under Ancestors. We are not only breaking away from our personal and family mythologies, but loosening the grip of the separate self and personal will.

This is the path to freedom.


This position is about making space for the aspect of destiny being claimed. The appearance of the Soulmate card in this position refers to how the desire for a soul partner can be a projection of our lost innocence. It implies that the nature of romantic yearning itself is a sublimation of the yearning for wholeness.

Again, we are touching upon very early childhood and infancy.

The Soulmate card suggests the destiny retrieval may address directly that long yearned-for sense of wholeness and the original disconnection from divine source — wrongly called original sin. Indeed, embodying the absolute rightness of our Earthly existence speaks of redemption itself — the return to our natural state of being and the restoration of Original Virtue.

In this sense, we are our own soulmate, just as we may be our own ancestor. By reconnecting with our divine origin in the present moment, we can direct the healing energy of our awareness back to the child, who seeks nothing but love.


This position is about what qualities we must nurture in order for the destiny retrieval to be integrated. It can also refer to the qualities this aspect of destiny brings. Lightning represents sudden illumination, unexpected events and, shamanically, initiation. In Tibetan Buddhism, the thunderbolt represents the most direct path.

Lightning here I feel encompasses all those qualities. The mind, fleetingly, has a quicksilver quality. Flashes of illumination can strike so quickly but by the time we have formulated a plan to act off the impression, events have moved on. We seem to have switched dimensions to where ideas, events, meetings, and plans are subject to fast-twitch synchronicities.

Lightning in this position asks us to embrace a newly revealed landscape without moving too fast in response. Something that had been shrouded for a long time may have just been revealed. We are lighter and moving faster, but must be wary of not making light and speed our new masters. If a seemingly sudden event or meeting takes place, it is an encouragement to allow energy to reorganise itself without taking control. In other words, we will need time to adjust.  What changed?

Destiny retrieval:

The title character of Hermann Hesse’s classic book here refers to the divergence between the spiritual and the worldly. This echoes the split between matter and spirit hinted at by the Santa Maria card in the Crossing position, but implies their reconciliation in the final position.

Siddhartha suggests the destiny being retrieved is not so much a purpose or an outcome as a state of consciousness. This is the return of an awakened self, one who has already walked the great pilgrimage, redeemed the sorrows of life, and reconciled the opposites of their nature. Destiny in this position becomes synonymous with dharma: there is no place to be but here; nothing to realise other than ever-present awareness.

We might call this claiming our timeless wisdom. There is the sense that the return wasn’t possible until now. We had to be open enough, and to have released enough trauma and conditioning, in order to have space for this wisdom to enter.

This is a guiding light, very old, that has always been part of our greater spirit. This is the healed ancestor we have been waiting for: our destiny itself. Siddhartha is utterly unique. But only by breaking the spell of our inherited superstitions could we see clearly where life had been leading us: to express our uniqueness in the world free of shame and shadow, and to illuminate the path for all who follow.

Spread photo by the author.

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Justin Craig is a writer who uses card readings and sacred space to help people navigate the spiritual awakening process. As an inveterate traveler of inner and outer worlds, Justin has a mad passion for where spirit and psychology intersect. This has repeatedly led him back to the jungle and mountains of Peru, where all his old assumptions get combusted on a bonfire of vanities. He is especially inspired by the divination and healing methods of Andean mystics, whose prophecy foretold the present "taripay pacha" – 'the age of meeting ourselves again'.

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