You, And Your Cat Smile & Empty Eyes

crescent moon


Cheshire Cat Moon

I recall waking
Tracing empty space,
A dry coldness beside me.
I couldn’t make out where you’d gone to,
Where you had been.
I laid awake–
That half-dream state,
Of times we once had.
And I saw you were there
Beside me after all,
But not who you had been.
A shadow–
Of who I’d believed
You to be.
The half-soul you’d become–
The real you.
The final you.
I felt the floodgates unleash
Tears raining down
Stinging my cheeks
Like nettles in the night.
Memories collecting
Making hot pools in crevices
Where my face had turned gaunt.

The Cheshire Cat moon cast
Just a small sliver of light.
Candidly illuminating
The living corpse
Breathing deeply,
Greedily filling that empty space.
The space that lurks between
Reality and dreaming.
And then you were gone,
Yet somehow still there.
And you were instantly awake.
I felt my limbs freeze.
The air stopped in my throat.
I saw the emptiness in each eye
Peering directly at me.
That same Cheshire Cat smile.
And you asked me
If I had slept well.

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Gabrielle Raines

Gabrielle is a former army brat and a reluctant desert rat. She knew she wanted to be a writer when she was eight years old and wrote her first book report on otters. It took 30 more years of wrong turns for her to pick up her pen again. Often drawing from her unconventional upbringing, Gabrielle weaves an air of whimsy into her narrative prose and short stories. A single mother of three adventurous children, Gabrielle is no stranger to life's upheavals. She embraces the uncomfortable edge of life's journey and explores that soul work through her writing. Gabrielle resides in Southern Utah. Connect with her on Instagram or on Facebook.

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