Get Energy To Flow Back To You {3 Things Karma Isn’t}


If you are on a spiritual path, you’ve heard of karma before today. Karma comes from Sanskrit and means action, work, or deed. Eastern philosophies believe karma is the result of past actions. The Hindus believe if one lives a happy life they are creating “happy karma.” Who doesn’t want that?

Karma is sending energy out — as in what you think and how you act. Eventually, the energy of what you thought and how you acted comes back to you. What you do today affects future days and lives.

I know for myself I’ve heard karma used in many spiritual traditions. For example, I’ve heard, “You have karma with that man.” This sounds mysterious and intriguing, to be honest. However, it’s not usually beneficial karma, or at least that’s what they implied. Because then I think I want to get rid of something or disconnect from him. Rarely do we think karma is a good thing when used in this context.

The truth is you want karma because without karma life is boring. Karma allows for growth experiences. Karma isn’t good or bad unless that’s how you view your own life.

But, do you truly get karma? I don’t think we really understand the ebb and flow of karma principles. If we did, we would never say a bad thing about another person or to our self again.

Let me explain how karma works. Remember every action has a reaction. Here’s a perfect example: There’s a course or retreat you want to take but when you find out the price your first reaction is, “It’s too expensive.” Or you say, “I can’t go” — but you really want to go. These few words have set up karma for someone else to do the same to you.

In other words, if you sell anything, you have set up in your own energy field, “It’s too expensive” or “I can’t.” So, now someone comes to your products and says, “I’d love it but I can’t it’s too expensive.” This would be instant karma in the works.

Here are three misconceptions about karma:

Misconception #1: The only way you can experience “bad” or “negative” karma is you create it. Bad karma doesn’t come out of thin air and suddenly rain over you. It’s manufactured by what you think and do.

Misconception #2: Dissolving or getting rid of karma is the answer. No, you can’t get rid of karma unless you sit still for the rest of your life and don’t think or act on anything.

Misconception #3: Transforming karma is the key to happiness. Nope, transforming what you think and do in life is the key to happiness. Karma is the byproduct of living life. If you constantly say “I can’t” then you’ll create a stuck life. If you look at life as an opportunity for happiness and success — then the karma back to you will be happiness and success.

Whatever you do for someone else you are actually doing for yourself.

I look for opportunities to help anyone. Why? Because I want strangers to help me in my time of need.

The easiest way to create a life of ease and flowing opportunities is to help others. Offer assistance to everyone. This will set up the energy to “flow” back to you.

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