By Thayne Ulschmid HOLY FIRE

Bridging The Divide: Separating The Past From A New Life, Reborn


Those of us, who’ve awakened to our experience here, realize the dramatic metamorphosis that inevitably occurs without compromise.

We can choose suffrage, which we definitely will, regardless, before that ultimatum is faced — accepting the role we are meant to play out, in this waking life. The death of our egoic nature, of which we enveloped — potentially as early as the womb, but surely, soon into our first years of life. Identifying with parental influences, siblings, etc. Role models, who we’re inescapably bound to by karmic law or simply, cause and effect.

I’ve learned a harsh lesson, that my ego is nothing more than a fabrication of thought, or mental construct and serves rightly, as a tool.

However, for so long, I believed that my alter ego was, in essence, who I am. These past few years have largely been spent, coming home so-to-speak, by visiting the inner hallways within, where my childlike innocence still dwells so freely — protected from this outside world.

While we ultimately drown it seems, for a time, breaking old habits and unmasking layers of perceived identity — digging toward our rooted, underlying true-self — eventually, we surface once more. Vulnerable and raw. Tender-hearted once more.

We can uncover that compassion and kindness which is an innate expression that never dies. As adults, we can safely harbor the child within, that is unconditionally loving — of whom can love us, without fault, for who we’ve become.

Both deserve space here in this world. Enjoyment is necessary for health and vitality. Structure and responsibility are also a pivotal aspect of self-reliance and dedication, or service to others. Learning to behave more selflessly, while tending to that same self-love which came naturally as children.

We’re learning to exude that brilliant nature — allowing our light to shine, without feeling the need to dim ourselves any longer. People, who’ve historically held us spellbound, will eventually disappear from our newborn existence because on some level it’s acknowledged that they no longer have dominion over us. Free-will governance, our accord to abide by and respect, without harming the sanctity of others, either.

Whatever has haunted us so terribly, we can forgive. No matter how many tears must be shed — days, months, or years passing us by perhaps — before we can finally begin living here in the present. Then, will we truly look forward to the future unfolding before us, each waking day we’re so blessed to be alive. Gratitude. Joy. Newfound commitment resounds throughout every cell of our bodies and we wish upon new horizons to unfold for us.

Hope becomes a centerpiece in our life and faith, renewed after all were once tragically lost. Or so we may have long-identified with. We can trust again because we know that it’s up to us to be replete. To do the work, without judging the outcomes, or whatever we’re faced with as time goes on. Making mistakes and learning such valuable lessons. It’s ourselves we are committed to. And others that we can allow into our personal space once more, because we know and understand viscerally, that we are the master of our own domain.

A recurring sentiment that has floated about in my mind space often, over these past few months is that life either breaks us or breaks us open. I’ve been bitter and resentful. It’s poison and has no rightful place within the chasms of our temple.

Love is what will pull us through the darkest passageways of life. When matters appear bleak, or impossible to surmount.

We go on each day. One day at a time. One moment, or breath, at a time, when need be. Developing our own mantras. Hearing ourselves speak them aloud. Until we actually believe in what we’re saying and our actions also begin to align accordingly as well.

This is a practice of becoming. Yet we should stop deceiving ourselves, by believing we will ever be complete. Embracing our faults or flaws. Loving our imperfections and embracing that totality, as who we are. The divine whispers to us, when we are still and content. If our outer world jesters chaos, we must steer back toward those origins of our spiritual nature.

Allowing in trust, to follow our childlike nature, back home, once more. A foundation must be built, so we may erect a life that is worthwhile for our health and a reflection of the beauty that is human nature. Without becoming lost in translation. Divided by a world that has been devised to do just that. Betray us.

It’s up to each of us, who is awakening, to build that bridge. So that others may cross, too. We are the architects of a peaceful existence. Our mother, Nature, is beckoning us to forge such a world, once more.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom.

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Thayne Ulschmid is an awakening wanderer, traversing this earth plane with the singular motive to explore every potentiating avenue of life that excites his unfathomable consciousness and propels him through this modern landscape. Writing is an affluent measure of inborn expression that largely reveals itself in each moment. He loves photography, nature and all of the unsung grandeur and beauty that is right before us each day, no matter where we reside. Connect with him on Instagram or Facebook to view more of his work. Thayne is an avid practitioner of healing work and plant medicine.

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