By Leahanne Woods Smith HOLY FIRE

Healthy Wholes Don’t Hold Out


Make one move toward a deep desire goal today. And, another tomorrow. Before you know it you’ll be in your flow more, doing life more in line with the deepest truest you.

By following your heart and soul desires, even a little bit each day, you open up channels of different understandings, which open your entire vessel of truth.

No matter what it is. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. It may be something that you just can’t explain, but you feel a hankering, a longing, a desire to do it. Do that!

Just take a step. I promise it will not only open you up to your most truthful desires — it will clear the field by which we all travel. That is because when one of us gets clearer, it clears the way for everyone to see clearer. Don’t we want to make the ways clearer for everyone? Yes! Because the whole being clearer further clears our way for ourselves. Yes, even further. By grace. By will. By the power of the whole.

Because then the whole will be healthier. Healthy wholes don’t hold out. By nature they give. Give and receive. The way of expansion is nature.

Drop into pure nature today, pure nature of yourself, and do one thing towards something that you’ve been wanting to do. You will not regret it. I promise.

I promise you will feel the flowing of the inner fire that is ever present in you, that which flows through all of life, that which is essentially life. Yes, you are the creator, advisor, and director of life. You are life energy. You can use it. Or, allow it to rest. But, please never forget about it.

You are the artist of your own spirit. And, we need you to own that shit!

Now that’s bringing life’s fire alive for you, for the here and now, for the all!

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul.

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Leahanne Woods Smith

Leahanne Woods is a 44-year-old spirit of light. She is a writer, a caregiver for the elderly, a mom of two sons. She is a Warrior Goddess, a Shamanic Shakti Queen, and a yogi who lives in western North Carolina. She is The Recorder Machine for the divine archives, seeing often unseen beauty and warriorism in the human spirit and articulating it in ways that both present and preserve it with honor.

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