I Came Into This World With A Roar That Can’t Be Silenced


I came into this world with a roar. From my first breath out of amniotic fluid, I had something to say. I greeted the world with a scream and I often wonder what that means, that most of us come screaming into the world. Is it release? Is it fear? Is it the touch of air, the removal of liquid from our lungs? I came into this world roaring.

My mother said I was a baby that just couldn’t be soothed. Colicky and fussy, crying…I couldn’t quiet my roar. It came with me — attached to DNA, my mouth a microphone for lost souls.

I learned to temper it, to put it in its place, this tiny roar of innocence that could be neatly wrapped and folded like origami, tucked away between ribs and expanding lungs.

It’s still fierce and wild, often untamed, pushing at my teeth like bars on a cage. It can’t be trapped or contained. It needs a platform, a place of its own.

This roar
My strength
My ego
My savior
My downfall
My words waiting silently
Spilled out
Some graceful
Some angry and vengeful
Some raw and bruised
Some of pure beauty and truth.

This roar is what I came into this world with.
The first noise I learned to make.
The moment I took my first breath, my roar took precedence.

I came in with a roar.

I haven’t been silenced since.

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"Can you find my storm-soaked soul My roar My wind As it follows you down a path where we have never been Can you find my sultry, crying, screaming heart Broken in a thousand pieces by me and you Only to be melted back together By one kiss, one touch The taste of your Waters" —Maura Coyne of @maura_coyne #wakingwild #roar #storm #findme #howlforyourlife Read more:

@kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn


Courtney Quinlan

Courtney Quinlan is a lover of words and how you can craft them together, piece by piece and build a story, or a moment in time that speaks to someone. She lives in Vermont, as a single parent, with her son who is on the autism spectrum and advocates fiercely for him and others with disabilities. She volunteers as a parent advocate and editor for The Urban Howl and Wild Heart Writers and is a contributing author of poetry and prose. She can generally be found lost in a whirlwind of creative thought, she is unfiltered and fairly transparent. She is passionate about empowering women and social justice issues. She likes to get crafty, making beaded jewelry and crafts and photography inspired by the natural world around her. She is a sarcastic lover of humor and is blessed to be able to laugh at herself and find the irony in stressful situations. Rarely embarrassed and often clumsy she is practicing the art of vulnerability and can be found just throwing her whole self out there!

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