Sometimes All We Need To Do Is Walk The Land & We Begin To Remember


Spiritual Travel

Vacations offer an opportunity to unplug, and these days that’s so important — but with all the electronic stimuli, unplugging has become a true luxury. But there can be more to vacationing than sitting on a lounge chair and staring at the ocean. Vacations have given many people opportunities to explore sacred locations.

Machu Picchu welcomed 1.5 million people last summer. Even in our own American backyard, holy places of Indian ancestry dotted throughout the states welcome hundreds of visitors.

Vacations offer a way to let go of work schedules, family, and stress — and spiritual vacations add depth to traveling as we become transported out of familiar surroundings. Instead of walking in the woods (which is nice too), now walk up to an ancient stone circle or hilltop monastery, in the case of Nepal or Tibet.

Traveling opens the heart and our perspectives to see other cultures and their ways of living. Now, with the popularity of Bali and Peru as yoga meccas, vacations have been truly transformed.

Spiritual travel brings ancient people alive. In the many faces and through the eyes of the different cultures, piece-by-piece and smile-by-smile, we experience wiser and deeper parts of our own self.  It is an opportunity to discover our inner truth and to personally transform.

I led my first spiritual retreat to Hawaii for a sacred event called the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. It, of course, had a purpose as we gathered to gain deeper spiritual awareness. I didn’t stop there — I continued to Peru and Bali in 1998 and 1999, then to India, Tibet, Nepal, Mexican Yucatan, England, Scotland, and Egypt.

In Egypt, the stones of the temples and pyramids hold an ancient book of record, as well as energetic and sacred memory. Current landscapes are often built over older civilizations and walking can stir memories. Sailing down the Nile can stir deep memories as perhaps a pharaoh, or hiking the Inca trail at Machu Picchu remembers past lives as Inca warriors.

Sometimes all we need to do is walk the land, the actual steps taken become a déjà vu and we begin to remember. It’s as though we can connect the dots of ancient civilizations and wholeness is brought back. Once the memory is conscious we can release the lesson and move on.

Australia, Asia, India, Thailand, Bali, and Singapore exemplify Lemurian energy. While Ireland, England, Portugal, contribute to the Atlantean energy and seeding of the original consciousness of Earth. The Himalaya Mountains sing to the Soul. Northern India holds the memory of enlightened masters like Buddha and Jesus, teachers we would choose as role models to awaken, and now the home of the Dalai Lama.

Spiritual travel then offers an opportunity to accelerate personal healing and awakening. As we venture to foreign locations, we pick up threads of memory from one location to the next — weaving a beautiful tapestry of experiences. The actual physical journey, step-by-step, expands us along with the group energy, as spiritual trips stimulate personal change.

It is a wonderful way to see ancient cultures, plus incorporate a vacation all at the same time. Discover personal truth, enlighten spirit, and awaken the heart by embarking on a spiritual vacation.

**Join my upcoming meditation retreat to Ireland Nov. 30-December 7, 2018. It’s a workshop on Inner Child and sacred sights too. Experience the magical energy of Ireland and the magic in you.**



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